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You have some kind of psychological problem that manifests in irrational hatred of women. OK, I get it.

But why would you even concern yourself that women are over there speaking without you? It's probably not healthy for you.

Best of luck with your issues.

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He really is a professional incel lol. Didn't know treating people with respect was being a cuck.

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its not irrational hatred of women. its very simple, really. women have ridiculed me and ignored me all my life and never picked my for sex because of how ugly i am, therefore i hate them.

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Why don't you just go to the gym, build muscle and get some cosmetic surgery like chin implants? It would be more productive than indulging in blind rage. (unless you are under 5'6" then you might be screwed)

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none of that world. gym doesnt get you girl you retard. i am a fucking pajeet and also less than 5'6. and dont you dare tell me to go for pajeet holes. i am not interested, besides pajeet holes are only into white men anyway. i am only interested in 6.5/10+ non-fat white female under 30 and under 5'7'.

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Let me ask you this- when you approach a woman that you are interested in dating do you call her a "hole"?

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well, i have never approached a woman. in fact, i have never even talked to a female outside of educational, commercial, medical, or familial situation. you have to understand, when women see me, they turn around and run away.

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Would you post a selfie? It is possible that you are not as bad looking as you think you are.

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I wish there was a downvote button...

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your post is very internet.

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Well you are indeed harsh on them and I don't personally agree with GC ideas, but they do them.

Having said that, it's interesting how they quickly play the misogyny card the moment you attack their ideas.

GC women =/= womenkind

The same as you attacking this (presumably) man is not rampant misandry. Women can be individuals, sometimes very flawed. Just like any other group. ✌️

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You do realize that inceldom is just like bra burning ultra feminism, but for men, right? Have a non-sexual friendship with a woman sometime. It will really help you develop as a person.

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you live in a bubble. you have never experienced life as a truly ugly male. you WON the genetic lottery. you will deny that you won the genetic lottery, but in fact by virtue of having female friend you, by definition, won the genetic lottery. when women see me, they literally turn around and walk the other way. on multiple occasions, women see me waiting for the lift and turn around and leave the building so that they dont have to be in the lift with me. OKAY? i have no choice. no female will ever be friends with me because of how ugly i am. in fact, i have had 0 male friends too. in fact i haven't even had loser male friends online. in fact they kicked me out of the incel community multiple times.

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username checks out.

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Just be a simp like me. You'll get pussy.