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That sure is one provocative intro. Don't know what to make of it, I like that.

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This is an obvious troll. It's someone who is pissed off at our free speech and is trying to use it against us.

The writing is way too high to be a non native speaker. It also lacks any tells of Persians. Yeah, they don't call themselves Iranians.

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The writing is way too high to be a non native speaker. It also lacks any tells of Persians. Yeah, they don't call themselves Iranians.

This is an obvious troll.

This has to be the case. It is a Sacha Baren Cohen skit to bait people into saying potentially outrageous things. The #JewishPrivilege troll has much better execution imo

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Look at his reddit. He isn't a shill. We all scared him away. Chipit has always been suspicious to me. Saidit needs Pedda!

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Chipit has always been suspicious to me.

Ironically, I feel the same way

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If /u/chipit calls someone a troll believe the opposite. Pedda's reddit history clearly shows he is well educated and is a critical thinker.

Chipit on the other hand...

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I said I was Pro-Iran, not Iranian. By ethnic origin I am South Indian (Telugu). And when I say 'Pro-Iran' I mean I support the Islamic regime that currently controls Iran. I don't support Iranian liberals or other scum, and I hate them the same way I hate Western liberals.

The fact that you think I am a leftist troll simply for writing English at a high level is pretty funny. Anyway, if anyone doubts my authenticity, they can visit my reddit profile at u/ PeddaKondappa2, and they can also use to verify that I was an active poster on r/DebateFascism for years. I think some posters on this forum might actually know me from back there.

And LOL @ "Iranians don't call themselves Iranians."

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Based, and dare I say it... redpilled. You should check out Roosh V btw.

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There is much room for improvement in Iran, but it will never be able to materialize if these forces have their say.

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Totalitarianism and authoritarian collectivism is not the answer

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They had the natural progression overturned 3 times now by foreign forces afaik. Time for Sumerians to try and establish former glory in their own way.

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They'd just become an extension of America like the rest of the world is becoming. Long ago maybe one could believe that is okay but the West is decaying and clearly liberal democracy isn't the "truth". Authority isn't inherently tyranny. Irans problem is it has a government is built on religious fantastic which holds them back.

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In what ways does Iran's government "hold them back"? Name three.

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A culture enslaved to religious dogma(especially that of Islam) will always be held back from higher forms of culture by the negative effects that has on developing great minds and artists.

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I asked you to name three ways in which Iran's government "holds them back." All you did was provide vague mumbo-jumbo. Here are some examples of Perso-Islamic high culture, all of which were produced under theocratic regimes:

In fact, pretty much all great art and architecture everywhere in the world was produced by intensely religious people. The greatest art and architecture in the Western world, for example, was produced under Christendom. It is the modern West, which has totally severed itself from religion, which is totally bereft of any high culture. There is nothing from the modern West that can match the beauty of Gothic architecture like Notre Dame cathedral or Canterbury cathedral. The modern West has absolutely nothing to offer to Iran or any other traditional society, except modern weapons and advanced military technologies (which Iran is developing by itself, and is being extremely sanctioned as a result).

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Reddit is very satanic indeed

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    Found the Jew.

    As a person of European descent, I can't help but notice we had and continue to have functioning countries and civilization long before the arrival of Jews. Our countries tend to function with or without Jewish involvement and function better without it.

    We don't need Jews to have civilization. Where Jews have gone they have always brought subversion and destabilization.

    I do notice Israel likes to use the US military to manage its regional squabbles. It seems to me the Jew needs the gentile but the gentile does not need the Jew.

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                      No, the US is the United States of Israel.

                      the average european. There's no other explanation for why Jews have become so dominant in european culture.

                      No, it's because they stick together as a brotherhood. At least certain cults within Judaism do. This allows them to hand over money to other Jews free of interest, whereas they charge interest on non-Jews.

                      Read a book called Jewish Documentary history in the US 1790-1840.

                      They are letters from prominent Jews in the US.

                      There are so many instances of usury on non-Jews and them lending millions to another Jew free of interest.

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                        This isn't a personal take. I'm merely telling you you are wrong in your false equivilency that Jews are merely successful because they supposedly have a high IQ. They are sucessful in wealth because the talmud tells them to be and to lend untonother nations whereas the bible bans usury. They also work together at the expense of the non-Jew, and due to radical individualism, Americans cease to unify with each other and fight our behemoth of a corporation.

                        The Judeo IQ is usually pushed by Jewish supremacists anyway.

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                          They don't have an IQ that is higher. Possibly Ashkenazi Jews based on the bell curve but they are laregly sucessful due to ingroup lending and worth ethic amongst other Jews.

                          Labourers and farmers who toil in the soil for their entire lives work far harder than oligarchs and the wealthy Jew. None of these toilers are sucessful in wealth, in fact, they are shunned by the upper neo-liberal classes.

                          Stop with the degrading gentile rhetoric.

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                          Ah come on. You're going to have to try harder than that.

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                          Please stop.

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                          Wow. I already like you.

                          I'm not really big on Iran myself but wouldn't mind hearing what you have to say about them. My view on Iran is, unfortunately, largely a product of decades of Zionist propaganda so I don't really have a good handle on how to separate the truth from the lies.

                          Pretty much agree with all your other points.

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                          Hi dude.

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                          I think it's odd that you think it's okay to ban some subs but not others, given your stances are mostly ones that the majority of people who are for censorship would censor. Where's the consistency there? Like the collection of views you've assembled here is so fringe as to almost appear as if you're trolling but you still think people should unite to get rid of r/adultery? Censorship is wrong unless people have good reason to believe they will face direct physical threat due to the speech or if it is otherwise limited by first amendment precedent (i.e. libel/slander). To believe otherwise when you belong to several viewpoints which are vulnerable to censorship is just bizarre.

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                          I think you misunderstood my views. I am not a liberal, and I don't support absolute freedom of speech. I support theocracy, with the Islamic Republic of Iran being the state with the ideology closest to my own, and part of theocratic governance involves setting boundaries on acceptable public discourse. The reason I hate reddit is not due to censorship in and of itself. The reason I hate reddit is because reddit censors that which should not be censored, and doesn't censor that which should be censored. In other words, reddit represents a Satanic inversion of what a good platform ought to do. I find saidit to be a far superior platform to reddit, because saidit bans things like pornography (which I support) and tolerates anti-Zionist views (which I also suppport). Reddit is the exact opposite, as it is infested with degenerate filth while also banning anti-Zionist subs.

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                          You're not Iranian, you're a troll.

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                          Some history on the Chipshit:

                          Chipshit is a shitbag shill, and a serial-molester of numerous forums. This character also pretended to be a transgender incel. No one believed she/he was incel.

                          He/she formerly went by the moniker "Snow". Everyone hated her/him as "Snow".

                          Chipshit is somewhat less irritating with it's current username, and has not gone into any additional detail about his/her gender transition; which is also nice.

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                          It's almost quaint seeing this outdated slur, it's like old fashioned Saidit in a box.

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                          You're not Iranian, you're a troll

                          It's almost quaint seeing this outdated slur, it's like old fashioned Saidit in a box.

                          Look at your previous comment. There's nothing quaint about it.

                          You're every bit the hypocritical shill that you were on day one.

                          The only thing that has changed is you're now a Chipshit, instead of a transgender snowjob.

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                          Do you have any actual arguments to make, or you're just here to wallow at the bottom of the pyramid of debate in word salad insults?

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                          Do you have any actual arguments to make

                          No. This is a PSA.

                          Chipshit is a shitbag shill, and a serial-molester of numerous forums.

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                          Chipit is the troll, and has always been a troll. Nice tru chipit. Maybe stop posting multilateral Zionist propaganda once and awhile.


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                          Welcome, my friend. I'm sure you will find like-minded people here. Whites are a very oppressed race and it's always good to see people of different backgrounds recognize this. I've friended you, and I'm looking forward to interacting with you.

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                          You are pro Iran. Could you summarize what your main points are here? I'm genuinely interested. Since joining this site, I've become less and less of a cautious, scared little lurker and I find myself actively seeking out people with wildly different views (even racists) because I know a discussion will not delve into a witch hunt. I feel comfortable and more confident learning about different perspectives here and commenting whatever I feel is necessary. Looking forward to your thoughts!

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                          I am pro-Iran because I admire the commitment of the Iranian regime in upholding Islamic traditions and values (and resisting the imposition of modern Western values like feminism and gay rights), their support for anti-Zionist and anti-Wahhabi groups like Hezbollah and the Houthis, and for developing their own technological and industrial capabilities in the face of global sanctions and economic warfare (Iran is one of the few Muslim countries that has developed its own nuclear program, missile program, aerospace and satellite program, etc). Those are some of the major reasons why I am strongly pro-Iran.

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                          That's all really interesting. You make me want to look into that alot more. Do you think there's benefits to openly accepting the imposition of feminism and gay rights (be it culture or money), and has Iran stood to miss out on opportunities these would grant them?

                          Or do you think western civilizations simply use these things as ploys to appease the "sheep" to better control them and profit off of them by pandering to them? As I speculate that myself, it seems the latter is definitely the least honorable avenue to take.

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                          Welcome you disgusting Islamist.

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                            Don't slander people without evidence. I don't need to prove anything, because my posting history on reddit is available to the public.

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                            Provide it? Is it the same name?

                            Too many shills here all of a sudden.

                            I'm only skeptical.

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                            This is my reddit account:

                            You can use to see the posts made on banned subs.

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                            /u/Tom_Bombadil ; This poster is legitimate and is well spoken. Take a look at his reddit. He will bring good debate to Saidit.

                            If Chipit is calling him a shill, believe the opposite, for Chipit is a shill.

                            I retract my skepticism. Welcome to saidit. Your posts are very insigjtful over at reddit and I'm sorry I displayed my distrust.

                            Your posts would have eventually been censored by reddit anyway. I find your posts on individualism quite interesting.

                            Anyway, welcome to saidit!

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                            Take a look at his reddit.

                            I'm done with reddit, unless there's a extremely good reason.

                            Also, he seems legit based on everything he's stated.

                            /s/PeddaKondappa, welcome to the free speech fray.

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                            This post is quite epic; and was censored; is it okay to post one of your posts here Pedda?


                            To quote Pedda:

                            All true genetic semites originated in the upper Mashriq, the ancestors of the Israelites migrated from here to conquer the Levant.

                            What is a "true genetic semite", and how do you determine it? Your fellow Ashkenazim like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein don't look like native Mashriqis to me.

                            There is no archaeological record of Jews until quite late in the history of Mashriq. The ultimate origin of Jews probably lies with the assortment of slaves, outlaws, and rebels that are often called the Habiru (or some sub-group of them, as they were not a homogeneous group), who are attested around the mid-2nd millennium BCE as raiding and threatening sites in the lower Levant, from Gaza to Byblos. The Habiru were probably based from Sinai and/or the adjoining desert in northwestern Arabia, as their raiding activity was heavily concentrated in the lower Levant. By contrast, sites in the Mitanni realm or Assyrian realm of northern Mesopotamia did not see such activity.

                            Nobody knows who the Sumerians were, but the Akkadians and all other groups who followed before the Arab conquest were Eastern Semites, closely related to Jews.

                            Akkadians were totally different from Jews, who are Western Semites and not Eastern Semites. It is astonishing that you don't know such basic facts. And in terms of material and cultural continuity, Akkadian and Babylonian culture is far more similar to modern Mashriqi Islamic culture than to Ashkenazi culture. As I explained in another post on this thread, many aspects of Shari'a and Islamic civilization show direct lineage to ancient Mesopotamia. Even something as mundane as preferred facial hair style in the Islamic world shows the legacy of ancient Mesopotamian culture. Many Muslim men, following the hadiths of Muhammad, trim their mustache and grow out their beard. This is exactly identical to the facial hair style seen in ancient Mesopotamia, especially among male worshipers and religious officials, as such a style was associated with intense piety and devotion. See this, this, and this for examples. These men could all easily pass as modern-day Iraqi or Syrian Muslims.

                            LOL. Islam and Arabic are NOT native to the Mashriq... brought there recently by foreign invaders...

                            LOL. Islam and the Shari'a took form in the Mashriq, and those Mashriqi influences later came to Arabia itself. The two dominant schools of Arabic grammar in the 7th century were those of Basra and Kufa, both in Iraq. It was also the Mashriq which saw the early formative centers of Islamic scholarship. The greatest and most influential of Muslim jurisprudents, like Abu Hanifa (founder of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence and considered the "Greatest Imam" by many Sunnis), was a Persian Muslim from Kufa in Iraq. It was in Mashriq where many of the specific laws and practices of the Shari'a were codified, including the sumptuary laws of Islam and the use of veils like niqab, which were not found among Arab bebouins but were found among Mashriqis even thousands of years before the advent of Islam.

                            Ashkenazim are Mediteranean-Semetic Caucasoids. Almost every geneticist agrees on this.

                            Ashkenazim have a huge amount of prehistoric European ancestry, especially on their mother's side. This is obvious just by looking at Ashkenazim, and is also proven by genetic studies:

                            Only in the recent era. Its well known by historians that before being forced to move to Germany, the Jews spoke Semitic and Hebrew languages. Evidence of this is seen in the huge amount of influence Hebrew and Semitic languages have in Yiddish. And proper Hebrew was spoken and written by all educated Jews for all of history.

                            Yiddish is the traditional language of Ashkenazim, and the word Ashkenaz itself refers to Germany. The ethnogenesis of Ashkenazim took place in Germany, probably as a result of Mediterranean Jewish males interbreeding with German and other European women. Hebrew survived largely as a liturgical language among the Ashkenazim, not as a living spoken language. That's why when Eliezer Ben-Yehuda wanted to revive Hebrew in modern times, he advised the Committee of the Hebrew Language to supplement the deficiencies of the Hebrew language by coining new words according to grammatical rules and linguistic analogy from other Semitic languages, and particularly from Arabic roots.

                            I couldn’t care less about what you think about this

                            You obviously do, since you wrote a reply lol.


                            The Habiru you refer to were wuite possibly the Jews of antiquity. The Babylonian Woe by David Astle was my first instance of discovering this overlooked group.

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                            This post is quite epic; and was censored; is it okay to post one of your posts here Pedda?

                            Sure, I don't care if people copy-paste my content as long as they credit me as the original author.

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                            I retract. Welcome. Saidit needs more people like you.