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Ah shit, that sucks. I had the same thing happen to my last reddit account.

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I didn't think you could make an account there without email

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It might be mandatory now, I'm not sure, but it didn't use to be.

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It still isn't mandatory. They're just less clear about the it, but you can still leave it blank.

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They make it look like you can't, which fooled me the first time, but you can just click "next" without entering anything and it'll still work.

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Aww, that sucks! You should've put an email on there! I can't do anything, but maybe u/magnora7 can. I checked, and the first IP address used by u/Basghetti matches the last IP address used by u/Comatoast, so I know you're legit.

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If he can't, it'll be alright. I know that stuff is sort of fiddly. Thank you for making sure it's me though.

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I can't, sorry. The passwords are all hashed and we have no manual password reset process

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It's alright, I kinda expected as much. Thank you for letting me know.

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Do you have shell access? If so, just set the password hash for /u/comatoast to the same one as /u/Basghetti. Or you could set the email instead, and set the verified email flag to true.

It should be something like:

from r2.models import *

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Crap, I missed this. Thank you for your help. That might be a task to tackle after I learn how to work out what shell accesses are.

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This is for /u/magnora7. You don't have access to the shell, even the other admins don't as it requires access to the machine that saidit is hosted on.

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Hopefully M7 can help, but why not: u/Comatoasttoo

That way you reference your history

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I thought about something similar, but this took it's place in my brain.

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Nooo, I miss the old comatoast

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No turning back now, lel.

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    I'm not a pedo apologist, and you know that. You're an agent of discord, cherry picking comments and screenshots to meet your agenda.

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    Don't feed the trolls, Toast. Just ignore Loki whenever he tries talking to you.

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    Do you ever do that thing where you feel like if you just explain things another way (then another, and another) that someone will understand? It's that. I'm being stupid and trying to clarify something to someone that's just trying to be a dick regardless. This is an awesome reintroduction thread.

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    I get that.

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      I stand by what I said. Whether or not you choose to take my words out of context or misunderstand me is a you problem.

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      I don't see someone as an adult until they're 18, and honestly still not fully developmentally capable of great decision making til after.

      As I pointed out to TAM yesterday, 18 is just a technicality. People don't become real adults until, on average, somewhere between 30 and 45, or so.

      Also, this is still about that thing with Musky? You've got to recognize a troll when you see one. But you fed it and have a pet now. lol

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      If only I could spray it with the water bottle to behave itself.

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            You can say damning all day, it's only damning without context. I genuinely don't understand why I waste my time in an attempt to reason with you, since you've acted like a cunt during 80% of our interactions. And bitch, I made that comment at like 2 AM. It needed details, but hindsight, etc.

            I mean, there are cases like that. I'm assuming there's going to be situations where people don't talk about their age. I started college at 17, was considered an emancipated minor (despite living with grandparents) and I've looked like an adult woman since 14. Someone pursuing me is going to know that I'm in college, but unless I divulge or they ask for an ID, they're not going to know that I'm underage. You can't drink or even smoke in the US anymore until 21, so a ton of college-aged kids don't have that as an option until later years. I guess it would come up if the person wanted to take you for drinks? What if the adult doesn't drink though? Does it come up when you're renting a car, or going to a hotel for travel or something? Is it common practice to check IDs when you're dating someone nowadays? I don't know, but I don't think there's always some kind of nefarious intention, just not being informed.

            Sometimes you have situations where the minor lied about their age, and I'm sure there are many online relationships that have gone absolutely South when the truth came out, but not knowing what age they are, the adult fell in love. As far as they knew, they were an adult. Does it excuse it? I mean, if someone is dishonest that's pretty shitty, especially when it means the possibility of going on a registered list for sex offenders or jail time. I can't blame the person pursuing the minor if they did so under the pretense that they're an adult too.

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