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Too much brainwash. You accused Trump and the non left of everything you people are doing now. How can it be a right wing shit hole when the entire system is using the communist playbook used by other leftists?

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Maybe he hates Dems too. Trump Should move to Israel, he is cabalist scum.

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You sound like a bot

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Probably, but Trump supporters are a cult, I can say the same for Biden. Most are hoplessly ignorant about their 'vote.'

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Of course both parties are part of a charade for the same agenda. By keeping minds focused on one controlled side vs the other, people get fooled into thinking they are getting the whole picture, which they are not.

People also do not take the responsibility to question the whole paradigm either though.

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If I’m honest both sides suck. The QAnon on the right has become a cult of useful idiots, and the QT+ on the left has become tyrannical and detached from reality (also a cult). And both sides fancy themselves heroes fighting against the other while those of us still attached to reality slowly get driven mad having to exist with all of these disregulated nutters.

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Welcome! Feel free to come over to s/ThatsRetarded and elaborate. :D

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Lol Democrats projecting again.

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Zionist shill projecting again?

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What Trump supporters want is to destroy the Swamp where a coalition of entrenched political interests work hand in hand milk and game the system for themselves. GOP and Dems are two sides of the same coin. They spar verbally but they know that no matter which party is in power, eventually it'll shift back so they make no effort to really screw the other side. Recently this has changed because the Dems are packing the voter rolls with illegals and they created a terrorist BLM goon squad to raise funds. The Dems get it, they are in it now to stay in power forever. This is why Trump voters want to overthrow the existing two party system.

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I clicked this to comment something of the "well the most reasonable Trump supporters are those who realize he is the best person available under the current system, so its not like he is good or bad, just he is the least worst of all politicians".

But then I saw the first seven words of the OP and realized the level of his flamboyant faggotry.

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.....drops mic, walks away.

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Mic drops are for when you make an amazing irrefutable point not for whatever it is you think you just did

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Biden is an oligarch puppet whore. Irrefutable. Why do you support these crooked billionaires? Biden is the 1%’s guy. He’s their guy. Resistance lol.

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In other words you have no argument that can disprove anything I just did so instead you're going to desperstely throw a word salad at the wall and hope something sticks. Got it.

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Go ahead. Tell me Biden isn’t controlled by oligarchs. Tell me Biden is for the little guy! I dare you to type it. Tell me how Biden isn’t a puppet installed by the one percent. Unironically. Go on.

He’s a whore bought and paid for. Enjoy your oligarch shit sundae with diversity sprinkles.

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So your response is a to have an emotional word vomit. If you really think that, lets overturn citizens united. I'm all for it. The reason it even exists in the first place is because THE RIGHT pushed for it so hard they took it all the way to the supreme court. If you really think it's an issue, ask your party to get the money out of politics. I'll support you 100%

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Leftists don’t have a leg to stand on in this argument since all their principles about supporting poor people went out the window in favor of supporting an election theft by billionaires who installed a barely warm body to rubber stamp shit for them. Biden was their guy even though they knew he was crooked and their slogans such as RESIST are as meaningless as any MAGAtard’s. OP is hilariously lacking in self awareness as Biden is a fraud with no ideology and Im surprised they even had the balls to pull this off. Crickets from actual marxists. Crickets.

Now you can say that I don’t have a point as many times as you want in as many ways as you want but you know that I do. Saying it over and over does not constitute a debate.

lets overturn citizens united.

Fine. Better yet lets ban corporations. Lets ban non-profit orgs which are just billionaire slush funds. Lets ban billionaires. And lets defund the police and the military. Completely. You dont like bankers? Neither do I. Ban them. Ban the Fed. You’re never going to fix shit until you fix that. The only way to fix it is to get rid of it.

But you won’t. You love crooked billionaires as long as their spoonfeeding you pap about anti-racism. Some guy living in Arkansas with a MAGA hat who lives in a trailer park is the real problem, right?

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favor of supporting an election theft by billionaires

You don't have a leg to stand on. Literally not even reading the rest of your comment. Believing conspiracy theories disqualifies you from from having credibility therefore everything you say can be dismissed without consideration.

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The entire world knows the US election was a fraud.

Like the Russian interference hoax. Not even Democrats I know think that election was honest. The conspiracy theory is that Biden Brought to you by Billionaires TM is the president.

Thats why the DNC is fighting recounts so hard. Several more million people voted than even live in several precincts.

Why are Democrats fighting audits so hard?

Why defend this puppet? Literally no one wanted Biden.

Tell the truth. You don’t want Biden. No one wants Biden. Why is he there?

Stop supporting this Banana Republic Administration.

Literally not even reading the rest of your comment

Well this is rather fragile.

I guess you had hurt feels because I criticized your guy and your side even if that side is run by Wall Street oligarchs

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I'm actually an American doing international work overseas and regularly come into contact with people from dozens of countries and every continent and I know that this is demonstrably false. People can barely contain their laughter/incredulity when talking about Trump and the right wing of America and how extremist and ignorant they have become. The Rusiians especially think it's hilarious how much of Putin's bitch Trump was.

Th only group that even half believes any of Trumps bullshit is south Asians and that has more to do with their dislike of China than anything that Trump has actually done. The US, UK, and to lesser extent Australia are losing all credibility in the world due to rising right-wing, fundamentalist, conspiracy theory nutjobs. Our influence and credibility is rapidly shrinking which is going to China as the main world power. If you really hate China and communism as much as you claim, you would stop backing right-wing retards as they are enabling the rise of Xi Ping through incompetence.

Edit: Literally just in the few minutes since I posted this comment I had a conversation with a Japanese man. I specifically asked him what he and other Japanese people though about the idea that Trump actually won the election and Biden and his friends are covering up the fact that they cheated. This very reserved Japanese mans response was a deep loud belly laugh for about half a minute. He literally couldn't even talk about without laughing at Trump supporters.

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No kidding. On other forums, I've often posted long, sourced comments irrefutably showing some of the crazy stuff they say is wrong. I literally NEVER get any kind of legitimate retort, only "shut up nigger fag"

They just say uninformed shit and when you show them it's incorrect they stick their fingers in their ears and scream "La, la, la" ....then ironically tell YOU to cry more. Lol.

It's a joke and it's led to me never ever taking any of them seriously no matter what.

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hope you're black