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    Reddit is for indoctrinating lost confused under-parented teenagers to be obedient medical experiments and tranny BDSM e-whores. They even have billboards now.

    That is the most accurate description of Reddit I have ever read.

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    I was super parented when young, you?

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    My parents actually digivolved into Gigaparentmon

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    Wtf are moons ??

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    It's the r/cryptocurrency sub's cryptocurrency. They can actually be turned into money, so that's kinda neat, but the downside is that Indians (and various other countries I assume) can make more money shitposting in that sub that actually working in their country. It hasn't been great for the signal:noise ratio.

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    Very interesting.

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    BS cryptocurrency

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    Are we supposed to be surprised to find out that Reddit has been overrun by an extremist ideology that contains beliefs such as that not wearing a mask is attempted murder; that children should be able to have sex changes; that 'drag queens' should be able to talk to and touch kids in schools; that pride parades in children's cartoons makes sense; that the police should be defunded if not outright disbanded and replaced with 'councillors' (and this list can go on and on)?

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    There is a problem with police abuse. They're state sanctioned adult bullies. They don't just fuck with minorities, it wasn't a "systemic racism" problem, but it is a problem. Cops rape and abuse the citizenry with impunity.

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    Shit, I'm disgusted with Reddit too but I'd have taken your moons. Wouldn't worry about the karma , those points don't do anything, but moons are money.

    So what verboten sub did you visit, did you dare speak out against the New Normal?

    Welcome to Saidit!

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    I commented in r/nonewnormal...

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    It doesn't happen in just Reddit. I was frozen out of GenderCritical here on Saidit just because I started a sub called That's Retarded. I guess the Nancys over here have their pearl clutching line in the sand as well. XD

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    Being frozen out of a sub for dysfunctional females and faggots from reddit is not the end of the world.

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    You're not wrong. But I do enjoy making fun of psycho trannies. Luckily there are many other subs here for that.

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    While I agree the freeze is silly, I'm not sure I'd call women who are against men in skirts grooming children via the internet "dysfunctional females." The dysfunctional females are the ones that were born male. We just want kids to make it to 18 without being drugged with experimental, off-label use of hormones that will sterilize them, encouraged to transition behind their parents' backs by a cult of pedophiles, and pressured into excruciating genital surgery before they're old enough to consent to a tattoo.

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    At first blush, the phrase ‘gender critical feminist’ is essentially meaningless: all feminism is ‘gender critical’ by definition. source

    Unless I'm missing something, that sub is not for women, it's for feminists. (i.e. dysfunctional females) I'm not seeing anything in searches that indicates normally functional women are associated with 'Gender Critical'.

    Seems mostly insane people who talk about things like "TERFs", and are very dedicated to their fantasy world role plays.

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    Ah, yes. The women are the ones in a fantasy world. Not the men who have decided that growing their hair out and screaming about MUH PRONOUNS while wearing terribly applied makeup and teenage girls' clothing = literally being a woman. The men posting explicit, disgusting things about "experiencing girlhood" via jerking off in a skirt and pretending it's even close to "being female" are the sane ones. Yes, makes sense. The men talking about their "girldick" and demanding access to women's spaces while accusing those same women of "LITERAL VIOLENCE" (and publicly threatening those women with, y'know actual violence) for refusing to deny science? They're the 'functional females.' But not GC feminists, we're all unstable nuts/evil TERFs for daring to question the hairy, intact males demanding access to our dressing rooms/restrooms and taking medications to induce lactation, because feeding a baby your synthetic-hormone-filled man-milk is totally normal, safe, and good. Got it. They're definitely, totally not dedicated to their fantasy world role-plays, unlike those crazy feminists. It is the biological women asserting that female means no more or less than having an X chromosome who are in the wrong. Science is for insane people, got it. Thank you for educating me, O Great One, but I'm not in the mood for any more Kool-Aid today, thank you.

    Since you're already researching, you might want to add "definition of feminist" to your list of things to Google, genius. But I'm not seeing anything in searches that indicates you have an IQ above double digits, so I'll leave you to figure things out for yourself. The irony in that last sentence you wrote is just amazing. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug, ain't it?

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    Ah, yes. The women are the ones in a fantasy world.

    we're all unstable nuts/evil TERFs for daring to...

    Corrupt and pervert the biological basis of our species, and directly bring trannies into being. You do make a strong case with this rant. And by the way, it's flavor-aid, not kool-aid.

    "definition of feminist": a person who supports feminism.

    Is the google proof enough for you that these acronym and perversion spewing people are insane? It says they literally support feminism...

    "We're oppressed, but not enough, so we're hoping that destroying our own species will lead to massive hardship for us." - feminists

    Well, you're going to have more than trannies to enjoy, but how are you liking your results so far?

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    TERF is just derogatory slang, Node. It's used against women that fall out of line or piss any of the turbodegens off. Doesn't even have to be feminists, and often isn't since plenty of women don't fall in line with the desires of the TRA cults. GenderCritical here is populated by feminists, relatively normie women, and anyone that wants to bring in information.

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    Aug 4, 2021 — "Gender Critical" was coined to describe trans-exclusionary feminism because "Terf" went from being a badge of honour to un-PC.

    There may be others there, but GC itself is about infighting between the trannies and feminists, which are two complimentary anti-human groups.

    The feminists should be happy that their efforts have led to such unhappiness among them, since they've been working so diligently to increase their own oppression.

    But really, they're just one of the first acts in the coming shitshow.

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    It was brought about by feminists, yes. As far as my understanding of things go, GenderCritical is less about the war with trans (not that it's not an important part) and more about the removal of stereotypes that relate to gender roles. It's biology realism packaged into a sex-based justice movement that isn't for the pure benefit of women, but also the protection of children from becoming prey to groomers and/or a dependency upon the corrupted medical and pharmaceutical industry. There was even a 4-year old child in my state, of all places, that the mentally ill parents were propping up as trans in an article about the bathroom bullshit a week or two ago.

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    "turbodegens" is my new favourite word

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    I just subsribed to s/ThatsRetarded.

    I don't know how to feel about the new wave of reddit refugees. They are changing the culture of saidit, but who am I to complain being only a saiditer less than 2 years. I don't want see another voat getting destroyed by dickheads and teens.

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    I was surprised when I was banned from a subreddit in which I'd never posted because I participated in another subreddit.

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    You shouldn't be. It's been going on for over a decade now.

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    the primary goal of these forums(including saidit) is to remove you from the narrative. The function of these forums is to put you into information overload.

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    You are not the only one. I was banned from subs I never participated in. Making a post in cringe anarchy, redditmuseum of filth or the satire r/againsthatesubs is ban worthy for those pussy rainbow transpeople subs.

    To the Crazy women of r/dating strategies. I never posted or participated in your loony corner of reddit. I just subscribed for following the trainwreck of future bunny killers. Same with the other sfw-tranny subs I got banned from!

    I suggest you download and save anything related to your Reddit account. It's only a matter of time before we all get a global reddit ban, and it would be a shame for all the porn and r/didn't knowIwantthisSobad posts to get lost. Same for youtube and other social media. Google is seriously asking me to verify my age, on an account that is active since 2005. They all know my shit and can't fool me because of new child safety regulations! They will not get my passport details. Pigs!

    Do we have a mirror or archive for saidit? I don't want to panik but I've seen how it went down with Voat. I can't access the early, good stuff because I don't remember my log-in details.

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    Which subs were you banned from?