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Welcome to the best lurking grounds I know of.

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Welcome! I tend to lurk and read a lot too, and only participate in select subs a little bit. But I think you'll find this site a nice place where users can be genuine, debate and/or just have discussions in good faith, and be cool with each other. It's pretty rare to have sitewide sub bans here, the majority of what exists in the world can find a place here, and users be respectful of each other.

I'm not an Admin or anything, but be sure to check out the general rules Wiki for SaidIt:, just to make sure you get a grasp on what is and isn't accepted overall.

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Been lurking on this site after multiple Reddit account suspensions just kept coming out of nowhere. I still can't believe they didn't like my username.

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i'm a most-lurker too. it's great to lurk good places that encourage free speech, then you actually want to post instead of lurk lol