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Welcome to Saidit! Where moderate points of view are allowed and immoderate points of view abound!

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Welcome! It’s nice to have a place to talk and joke around without a bunch of dorks rushing over to call you insensitive.

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to call you insensitive

I wish it was just that, more like a dogpile of hate.

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I was a very good redditor who never said anything to anger the hive and mostly commented in one sub. When I saw why that sub set up an automod to ban everyone from GenderCritical, I was out.

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Simple.. this isn't. This is a forum full of jedi and mandalorians.

Basically you are fighting yourself in being here.

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I'll start off by saying that I am a relatively new user who joined about a month ago to be part of a community that actually welcomed points of view different than the norm. My experience with Reddit and its moderation team from /r/politics has been negative, and a lot of people have mentioned they were banned simply for being right-wing. I was initially under this impression as well, but I think it's a little far-fetched. However, someone was good enough to suggest to me best essay writing websites and some other educational services. While Reddit is very left-leaning, I don't think it's to the point where they will ban you for having those beliefs. Which is why I came here.

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I'm a new user of Reddit, so I don't have enough knowledge about it. I created my account last month when I bought a new laptop through the website Now I'm trying to learn more about it. It seems interesting because it is a community network where you can plunge into your hobbies and passion.