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Lemmy is hardcore censorship and full of literal communists.

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We need to create a Lemmy Deplorables network.

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I suppose it's a good thing that it's not the 1960s and me being black while walking into a KKK meeting then.

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After our Facebook-like decentralized Diaspora is set up we'll start a couple Lemmy instances - one uncensored free speech and the other for elevated discourse.

Further, just as the Fediverse has SJW networks, we'll network and create lists of the Deplorables.

Social media alternatives

Domain Article Decentralized Note
Diaspora.Social Wikipedia Yes /s/Cassy and /s/StandUpWindsor's next project: Medium No Has a marketplace and currency. Brave Search No Alberta based with marketplace and currency. Brave Search No British Columbia based with marketplace and currency. Brave Search No? Based with marketplace and currency. ethical consumerism No First time I saw another good Reddit-like forum, AND they're building up alt-resources akin to /s/Cassy, including a wiki: aka ParSocWiki
Projex.Wiki New this year No from /s/Cassy
RabbitHole.WF New last year No PHPBB from /u/LarrySwinger2 and /s/Cassy

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Is it really your intention to join a communist community, like HKP said? If so, there are other instances, such as Lemmygrad. Since it's federated, you can participate with the entire network (or at least the ones that are federated with Lemmygrad) from there.

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No, that's absolutely not the intention, although I think FOSS is somewhat useful.

I could try Lemmygrad at some point, but if people also communicate to be here, and I actually feel somewhat welcome that's also good enough.

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We need to create a Lemmy Deplorables network.

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Pretty pathetic lemmy. As far as this place goes, you won't be banned, but I think you will find Marxist-Leninist ideology to be very unpopular around here.

As you can see, fatman here has already referenced that lemmy is full of commies, I doubt he realizes that you intended to join such a community.

The users here are largely ignorant of the fact that communism is an economic ideology and has nothing to do with social tyranny or censorship, despite the tendency of centralized communist regimes to engage in this kind of tactic

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We need to create a Lemmy Deplorables network.

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I kind of ignored the leftish part, but indeed it would be better if there is a politically more right aligned FOSS.

I doubt he realizes that you intended to join such a community

FOSS is useful, but the left is a cancer that rarely even writes any useful code.

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I guess I am confused then, why are you trying to join a Marxist-Leninist group on lemmy in that case?

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I thought lemmy was supposed to be a neutral alternative to Reddit, but clearly I was wrong. And, while there is federation, is seems there are only leftish servers.

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So far.

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Even Lemmy makes Reddit look like Fox News. They're full blown commies.

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Are you a bot? You said the same thing as Kuasocto.

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If you ask two people what color is the sky, and they both see it's blue, that makes one of them a bot?

Lemmy is a well known commie shithole.

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If you have a fairly unpopular website (this one) with not a lot of comments, it's expected that whoever writes a comment, has read all the comments. In that model, it's unlikely that a human would write your comment.

So, either my model of humans is wrong, or you are a bot, and only when called out the bot operator comes out.

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You saw too comments that main a similar point about something you were apparently ignorant about, and now you're insulting me?

Your model of everything is wrong. Don't ask for answers if you're just going to attack they people who respond.

This site is small because we don't use bots, as hard as that is for an NPC like you to understand. Fuck off back to Reddit, troll. I won't respond any further to you.

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You can't even make proper sentences, which again increases the probability of you being some uneducated fool in a Russian troll factory in Ghana or Russia.

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I think there is little point in Lemmy and a Fediverse-compatible message board.

A user that posts on the internet is inevitably going to make alternate accounts so their internet activity isn't consolidated to one post history. There is actually little demand to post on discussion board with a Fediverse account. The fediverse doesn't boost userbases or drive views like a platform conventionally does because everything is subject to complicated instance-federation rules. The whole thing is comprised of tiny puddles pretending to be big oceans (i.e that user registration beg form).

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I agree. The Fediverse was an idea founded with good intentions, but in practice it's a dead end.

It was started to make syndication of posts between servers easier, so you wouldn't have to have one massive server farm operated by a single huge company that would censor everyone. However, since most of these sites are hosted by teen armchair commies who ban anyone they dislike, most comments don't get shared to other servers. If you create an account on one server, that account either gets banned there, in which case you can no longer post and your existing posts aren't seen anywhere. Or most other servers ban you, in which case your posts don't show up anywhere else. Either way, it defeats the point of a decentralized syndication network.

So, in practice, Lemmy just boils down to an even more toxic and more heavily censored version of Reddit, but with hardly any users, so the content is even worse.

I think even Gab tried to plug into it at one point, many years ago. But then all the armchair commies refused to network with it and blocked every single Gab user. Now Gab has more users than the rest of the Fediverse combined. Opsie!

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So far.

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So far, what?

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So far Lemmy has been mostly limited to the Left. Some on the Right and Center will make more.


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rofl, did you miss the part when the admins/owners openly admit they're commies?