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Welcome, though it may seem quiet without all the reddit bots yapping away.

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It certainly is quiet, and I myself won't be very active until I reach the point I can create my own subreddit to take the place of the subreddit I most frequented r/TallAnimeGirls that the troomers wouldn't leave me alone at.

But what are these "reddit bots" you speak of?

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You won't be bothered here I think.

Bots: I never return to reddit to confirm this but rumors are rife that x% of reddit users are bots. Isn't it possible that some of your harrassers were bots?

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I saw no visible bot activity, the only possibility in relation to that is that someone made a bot to stalk the smallest subreddit I frequent and created a bot to automatically report every new post and comment so that I'm detected by admins.

But the subreddit is so small that any user could've just done it manually.

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I was just speaking in general but will look at the sub if reddit will let me on. I just took a look at your output and must say that your taste is not so different from mine. Me like. I don't see why reddit was hounding you but then there is so much about reddit I do not understand.

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Do you draw some of those yourself? If so, good work but in any case, good taste.

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No it's not mine, I always link the original in the comment section when it's not a cross-post.

My art skills is not as good as it was when I was very young. I stopped drawing not long before I started watching the anime that made me interested in taller girls so I guess I missed the opportunity to be invested in that myself. I just see the subreddit as an archive for art appreciation.

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Can we not make subs? huh, that seems like it needs to be fixed like NOW. BTW how many tall anime girls are there? Whose your favorites? I only ever remember some giantesses like in 7 deadly sins.

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We can make subreddits (or I guess subsaidits) according to the rules here. It's just to avoid spam and trolls there's a 2 week delay for an application and a furthur delay for final approval, this is fine.

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BTW: This is the subreddit in question.

My posts were from u/Viltrumite_Infantry, u/MongolianViltrumite and my oldest original account being u/TallAnimeGirlLover. I have hundreds of posts there, and some of them are different art of the same character but there are many unique characters, from anime, manga or just one-off art.

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Goddamn reddit immigrants. This neighborhood is going to shit.

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Dey takin' er jerbs!