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I'll see what I can do. As it stands now, I have two options. Either go with just the drifters or my current set of friends, who's likely very liberal but I'm not particularly close with. To be honest, I don't even know why I became friends with them because if I was the average of them I'd be a gamer and I am not.

To address your advice about me to find people with good qualities, I won't be able to find a chad in my area. My current circle though aren't bad but they're not the chads or people who'd be just like my father. Thinking about it, the only chad I know is my father but he isn't with me 24/7 and I get to see him regularly. I don't want to open up to him yet though.

Am I getting your advice right? I'm interpreting it as pick more folks like how I described my father. Do please correct me. I am in need of a shit ton of correction.

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I am curious, very few people go out and say "Give me help, I need correction"

Are you larping? Are you a gay robot?

Do you want to be chad? Then chad up. But not every one is the same and not every one will have qualities that are related to being a chad who would not have a positive impact on your life.

The main thing to ask is: Does the have positive value in your life. I have a friend who holds many poor and self destructive views. In my ultimate utopia, he is a second class citizen. However, his loyalty, skill set and understanding of the world are greater than his short comings. He has value. Enough to entrust my kids with and if needed, join my household.

Which leads into the next point: would I be willing to leave my young children with a person without fear of something bad happening or the children picking up a habit or ideology that I do not approve of? That is a good way to think as well. In the case of my friend, he would not pass on his ideologies as he knows that is not something I would want. My mother on the other hand does and as such she isn't allowed to be with the kids unsupervised. In short, trust. Would you trust the person to be at your side if shit hit the fan? And even if they would, would you want them there? A person who would come to you with gun in hand ready to fight, but runs at the first sign of danger abandoning you, obviously does not count.

If the person is merely a source of entertainment and not enlightenment or productivity, either via personal or social growth, get rid of them. A good entertaining friend is also a productive one in your life. My oldest lasting friend who also was my best man was extremely fun to be around. But he chose ideologies that made him worthless and degenerate. Dropped him.

I have friends who are completely retarded and as dumb as dog shit, but they have loyalty and trust. They might not (they arent) be alpha like me, but they are still valuable.