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Well, you should start one! :)

Saidit isn't Reddit, it's a hands-on website. If you want something, great! Go and do it! And then post some content, post links on other sites to get some fans, get it done. It's Reddit 2014 around here!

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Problem is that I'm already persona non grata & blackballed in most places already. If I start anything, my name is attached to it, & everyone will be warned to stay away from me or else. This has already happened in other fandoms I'm in. I don't have powerful friends in the fandom to shield me, & I am too beaten down & tired to try to fight.

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Bad news is the leftist troons are starting to invade this place. They have to destroy everything, it is their only goal in life. Like cancerous maggots.

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Their ideas don't spread if challenged.

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Hol' up, now. Quite a few center or center-left people are moving here. Name calling doesn't make you sound reasoned. Anyway, welcome to Roketto.

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Speak your truth queen! Slayyy! Anyway yes, welcome.

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Lol, I get a reddit ban about 4 times a month.

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It's not worth staying on Reddit if you're challenging LGBTQ crap. I was posting based memes and argued with leftists over stuff and they banned me twice.

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Hi! My reddit account also got suspended.. because my friend upvoted my comment. They also banned my husband who did nothing, just because we had same IP. A warning would have been nice to understand that weird rule, but no, perma ban. Appealed ignored.

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