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No, fuck your opinion.

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Your greeting is irrelevant.

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What exactly were you looking for with your username? A friendly hello?

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It's a start. Evidently you were not willing or capable of offering one.

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Capable, yes. Willing for you, no. If my username was you'reafuckingidiotkikemoron and I came on this site, what would your initial reaction be? To greet me with a friendly hello?

I understand your name isn't nearly as harsh, but the principle remains the same.

I stand by it. Fuck your opinion. Works both ways. I'm confused, are you a tough guy, or a softie? Your name suggests you're a badass mother fucker not be fucked with. Yet your reaction to something so innocuous as being told what you've already told the whole site is one of a soft teddy bear.

A start would have been a less assholish username, especially if you're looking for some warm welcome. Someone with your username certainly understands the internet is the wild west, full of all sorts of opinions and ideas. You didn't come to this eloquent username by happenstance I'm assuming? But we wouldn't want to take any responsibility now would we?

Honestly, who cares? I'm an asshole too, clearly. I've wasted way more time on you than I wanted to at this point. Enjoy your time here, or don't. Have a good day.

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That's quite a speech there, son. I suppose you would be more welcoming with a username like 'FluffyButterflyButts' or some ridiculous bunch of unmemorable letters or numbers.

You chose to judge a book by it's cover and made several assumptions without a care to assert their validity, exposing your sensitivity to a mere username.

Such arrogance too, that you hold that your opinion or anyone's even matters to me or anyone else. You, like us all, are just internet people sharing thoughts into the oblivion of the online world. Your opinion quite literally means fuck all to me, so yes, fuck your opinion.

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No, fuck your opinion.

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That's the spirit!

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That's actually what you should have said in the beginning, instead of whining, we could have been to this point immediately. Way to go to Detroit to get to Chicago.

Have a good day.

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But where would be the fun in that! 😁

Good day to you, SMCAB!

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Hey there Beaver

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Greetings I'm new here

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