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This is the movement I will support:

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I will support that movement too :) however if you support Fi, you can create or make your own culture/platform in the internet based on Fi movement!

I will describe everything about Fi in the near future and introduce it to the world.

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Shut up and take my money!

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No, Support Fi instead.

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What are you selling?

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I'm not selling anything, Fi is not about a cryptocurrency project which wants to launch Web6.0 and scam people. instead Fi is a movement to gain freedom, free speech and privacy to people for humanity. I know we have Free Software and Open-Source movement which tried to develop everything open,transparent and free to use(or modify) but Fi will focus on governing internet decentrally by community of people and rules established by that community itself(it has similarities to Wikipedia project but can be forked by anyone to find it's path).

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You are selling something you just need to think like a salesman outside of the currency of money and into the currency of value.

Why is this worth my time and what do us laypeople have to do to help? Like I said think like a car salesman and tell me about its features.

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Actually Fi will have a financial system based on community member points distribution and community driven treasury. Open-source projects and platforms will be created by Fi Organization/Fi Members and the profit/donation that has been gained by this projects will go to the treasury. Because of the voting system which controls money and the rules, our time will have a value and money either. Distribution of community member points(or basically points) will be determined by rules and will be based on contributing to the Fi Projects and doing some tasks that has been set by community. Points are non-transferable and you can only spend them for voting system(and as i said before generally used to distribute money to the community).

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Ah I get it. A pyramid scheme.

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No, points will be decreased periodically and non-active community members will lose power in this system. As you can see Fi doesn't has a referral system and does not provide any interest rate,loan,deposit or anything related to pyramid scheme(or banking system either). People only take the money for the contribute they do and the time has been spent. However i will describe Fi completely in the future...

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Right so the idea is that of a digital commune.

So the issues are more social in that you'll have to filter out liers who take out more than they put in.

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Can you change the internet back to what it was?

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Actually internet was not free at all(day0-today) but this is my goal too and i can change the internet if Fi reaches to success. Because of Fi governing system(which i will describe) when Fi gains the people attention,community will grow and internet becomes something you and others want!

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You need to ample fi your message. 😝