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you sound like you are 12. Not only from the things you believe but also the way you type

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maybe. doesn't matter for me. imo kids are often more open minded than older generations.

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Yeah, so open-minded your brains fall out. You’ll be on the far right by the time you’re old enough to vote. The purity spiral will come for you if it hasn’t already. It came for me before I even knew it existed.

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Welcome, Commie. If you're lonely, this is a good place to hang out. Lots of kind of lonely, quirky, intelligent people here who love to discuss this stuff.

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I want commies in the oven.

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Me too. That’s where all forms of Socialism, national and international alike, belong.

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In Minecraft

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Interesting intro.

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Hello new person, I'm somewhat alt-left oriented as well. I also hate the new woke left attitude, and agree with you on some of these things. I am all for gay rights, but not this trans ideology, they are like evangelicals who want to force people to conform to their ideology. IDGAF what people want to do in their private lives, but all this canceling and make-believe pronoun shit is not OK with me.

I also care about the environment and am no fan of capitalism, although I'd hesitate to call myself a communist or socialist, and am absolutely terrified by the idea of combining monarchy with communism, seems like an authoritarian nightmare. Personally I'd prefer my communism of the anarcho- variety, but would support the scandinavian model of faux-neo-socialism as an improvement (this is just capitalism with high taxes and a robust social safety net).

But anyways, it'll be nice to have another person around who likes discussing political and economic theory

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and am absolutely terrified by the idea of combining monarchy with communism, seems like an authoritarian nightmare

yea, your concerns are pretty reasonable. Honestly I just want to personally decide, maybe it's almost impossible for me to achieve this, but this is just my personal view that I would be good "king" (this sounds funny). This is not important for me, so I'll be fine with normal parliamentary system. and yes, we had some examples of monarcho-"communist" like stalin that prove this might went into nightmare.

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Yeah, a society with a 'good' ruler is probably preferable to rule of the masses, I do sympathize with the Nietzschean type of elitism and understand where you are coming from. I also think a bad ruler is probably worse than democracy, and I have seen too many of them. Its like the Stanford Prison experiments, giving people this kind of authority over others tends to lead to abuses of power, I think it isi unfortunately human nature, and the type of person who can wield this responsibly is rare.

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I also think a bad ruler is probably worse than democracy

I'd say always is far worse. The bad part is there are some to this day. Although there were rare cases of good kings. (yea I believe in objective morality btw xD)

That's why tripartite governance is neccesary, even "king" shouldn't have unlimited power and be out of control.

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Stalin was the hero of World War II. I am tired of the lies about him because they are just projections of western war crimes onto the East in order to justify more western war crimes against the East.

The uKKKranian famine was a hoax just like the Ar-MEAN-ian holohoax. Both lies Hitler used to justify killing Jews and homosexuals.

Stalin didn’t go far enough because he failed to end the illegal occupation of western Asia that racists call “Europe” to justify building illegal white terrorist ethnostates on land to which people of color, including and especially Russians who like Jews are Asian and not white, have every right to take back with the use of force. Hopefully Putin will finish what he started. If he doesn’t, then Benjamin Netanyahu will.

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Sorry, I'm from Poland so I don't believe this bullshit. My ancestors were repressed by bolsheviks, they are mentally animals.

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Europeans are imperialist. You deserve to be under Russian control for your war crimes. My grandmother’s family were Polish Jews, and if they had stayed in Poland, they would’ve been killed either by the Nazis, the communists, or the Catholic Church. I fail to see how Russia taking over Europe could possibly make it worse. I would rather have Russians take it over than Muslims or communists. If Russia could not make communism work, then no one can. Muslims will just finish what Hitler started, and if communism worked in Europe there would still be a Berlin Wall. You Europeans can’t even build a wall that last longer than a wall the Chinese built centuries before anyone You Europeans can’t even build a wall that lasts longer than a wall the Chinese built before communism that will be there after communism!

Communism is imperialist because all things invented in Europe are imperialist, especially GERMany. Marx was a liar, a parasite, a drunk, a bigot, a beneficiary of multiple types of privilege, and a damned lousy husband. Best to throw his confessions disguised as accusations into the same trash heap of history as Hitler for the same reasons.

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Eco-fascism is why I am not impressed by your susceptibility to junk science, greenwashing, and anti-capitalist scaremongering.

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Eco-fascism is why I am not impressed by your susceptibility to junk science

You are an idiot, caring about the environment is not the same thing as global warming, which is a phrase I did not use, nor was I doing "anti-capitalist scare-mongering". You must be a fan of big corporations like DuPont that manufacture forever toxins that are now found in our rainwater, seeing as you love capitalism and hate everything green

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Money is green, you dumb goy.

And this is why Jack Woltz and Moe Greene were and are the best characters in the entire Godfather trilogy. They were right about those goddamn dago guinea greaseball wops.

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Sieg Heil! Hello, enemy.

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Hi comrade

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Yea, not really any difference between nazism and communism. The Nazis just weren't as good at exterminating innocent people. Hence the very low kill count compared to communist regimes.

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The two ideologies are absolutely antithetical to one another.

Fascism: Family, tradition, morality, excellence, nationalism;

Communism: Anti-family, anti-traditional, anti-morality, anti-excellence, and anti-nationalism

... to name ONLY these aspects. Try again?

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true, but I don't agree with some aspects of communism you counted. anti-traditionality, anti-morality, anti-family and anti-nationalism are part of marxism and not communism itself. communism is only about economy, marxism is one variant of extended communism (personally I don't like marxism). Although it's true that most communists have views you counted, not neccesarily even being marxists.

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DPRK is pro family, tradition, morality, excellence, and nationalism. Not all communists are idiots on Twitter claiming LGBTs are getting genocided and Democrats are fascists.

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well, DPRK is fascist country

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That’s because democracy is fascism. The idea that the individual should bow to the will of the mob is totalitarian in intent and effect.

Freedom is when the mob bows to the will of the individual: Me.

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that wasn't real communism

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Name ten countries that used communism to achieve prosperity and didn't do genocide.

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Only reactionaries oppose the elimination of the oppressor classes. I don’t even consider that genocide. I consider that a preemptive strike against genocide and terrorism.

Being a progressive means progressing beyond the need to tolerate oppressive and reactionary demographics. Like Italians, for instance. They are some of the most racist and homophobic people on earth so they don’t deserve tolerance. Not only that, they are dragging Black people down to their level. Every time you hear a black person talking trash about Gay and Jews, he probably first heard that antisemitic homophobic hate speech from some greasy wop. Or a kraut.

Basically, every demographic that allied with Hitler should have gotten the same treatment as those Hitler wanted gone for collaborating in genocidal imperialist terrorism.

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this "solution" lead to formation of new opressive class. judgement is far better than genocide.

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It’s not genocide when the oppressor classes are on the receiving end of their own tactics. It’s social justice. Anyone who says otherwise is aiding and abetting crimes against humanity.

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All opposition to Israel is not just racist, but homophobic because Jews are not white and because Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that protects Gay rights. “Ethnostate” is a racial slur white people invented in order to make white imperialism and antisemitism sound woke. In fact, “white imperialism“ is because it is a redundant statement. Imperialism is performative whiteness. Since Jews are not white, Jews cannot be imperialist, therefore Israel cannot be imperialist and calling it so is projecting white imperialism, the only kind that actually is imperialist, onto a nation to which people of color are indigenous.

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I am also lonely. I am also kind of optimistic. I think you should be optimistic.

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I am. Just see that it's bad around, but this can be changed.

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I like your style, how would you like a job as economic secretary?

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Well, I would like such job but getting it is pretty hard ;)

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I piss on your tits!

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Bitches, trannies, breeders, and every non-Jewish religion are imperialist in intent and effect.

Communism is imperialist by your own standard because Karl Marx was a German and therefore a racist. There never would’ve been a Hitler if it wasn’t for him, and neither one of them could have done anything without the so-called Protestant “reformation” of that antisemite Martin Luther, a typical gentile blasphemer blaspheming gentile against other blasphemers while still attacking Jews.

Put down Marx and read Theodore Herzl and Theodore Kaufman if you want a real revolution. Communism is antisemitic and therefore racist.

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antisemitism is not racism, I don't think jews are race

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It is a function of white supremacy. Hitler’s prejudice was racial in nature. He threw around the word “science“ to justify his war crimes, just like that lying criminal dago honky greaseball wop cracker Anthony Fauci.