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    Not since the shitshow known as Geocities. MAN that was awful. Dad said he was looking for honest bible discussions and instead of that you had a 'Muslim' and a 'Christian' arguing and cussing each other out making it so nobody else could have a voice that actually offered deep discussions. What ended up happening was the smarter and wiser people gave up (or were banned) and only ass holes were left to cuss each other out and be stupid making it NOT very safe nor fun.

    We doubt either of them were Muslims or Christians which is why I put the quotes in. They didn't really know jack about what they were arguing about based on common lies they were promoting like they copied their arguments from some liberal philosophy class.

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    Welcome you antisemitic flat earther transphobe!

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    I was done with reddit when they shoahed r/niggers.

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    Me too. I'm used to banning now. Some mod actually gave me a 7 day ban on some shit sub, and I didn't notice because I didn't go back there for so long, lol. What really gets me is the thread lock. WTF is the whole site for if you can't have a discussion?

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    I really liked that fox news interview of the /r/antiwork mod really captured the stereotype.

    It's the age old story of the internet and forums though. Nobody wants to moderate a large forum because it's a shit job and it doesn't pay. Leaving it to volunteers gets you with the people who have noting better to do other than moderate a website. So you get losers with power complexes, which then get subjected to internet shit constantly that make them get more of a power complex, and there you go.

    Before reddit still was a problem on any forum that got big. At first people would try to justify their reasons for banning people, but eventually they get tired of doing that and just ban stuff, realize they don't actually have to answer to anyone and don't care about maintaining consistent rules and just ban more people. And it just kills any reason to use the site and everyone just moves onto the next thing.

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    Not really. You make it seem as if this is inevitable when its not.

    How many times did reddit nuke popular right wing subs? Or kick their moderators and replace them with lefties?

    The fact is that it is a top down approach and if it happend organically, reddit would still be a right wing heaven.

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    Inevitable? No. A process repeated over and over again? Yes.

    The top down approach isn't organic, but it's a process that develops from the online group dynamics. It's not a right wing or left wing issue so much, as it's an issue with authoritarians. In any group that leans particularly in a certain direction, as reddit certainly did lean towards the left heavily. The number of extreme voices will echo heavily towards one side, react against the extreme voices on the other side, and slowly push the dynamic towards more censorship, more extreme positions, and more authoritarian approaches.

    Extremists by necessity must adopt authoritarian approaches to enforcement because by nature of being extremist, they're agendas do not line up with the majority of people, even on their side of the fence. Eventually the extremist side that has the largest support base will be able to seize power, ostensibly against some threat or crisis, as you saw happen swiftly on reddit with the Trump election result reaction and the COVID discussion, which is used as an excuse to purge all dissent.

    Such policies are not particularly effective in the long run, as extremism must always have a crisis to justify authoritarianism to the larger society, and once the crisis is abated, they will lose their authority base, but the extremist will not abandon their authoritarian approaches as that represents compromise, which is not something an extremist is willing to do. So they will hold power with an iron fist becoming increasingly more and more cruel in their wielding of power until such a time as something gives and they are removed.

    In context of Reddit. It is at the end of the day. Not very important. And the power of a moderator doesn't extend far beyond their own website, so people will simply take the path of least resistance and leave, giving the moderator power over what is essentially an empty website. Much like how if a teetotaler is in charge of planning the Christmas party, some other person will just start their own party with beer.

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    In what sense was it a right wing heaven before? There were right wing subs that could get big too, but it was never the status quo.

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    Literally the entire front page would be Donald Trump, Breitbart etc.

    the donald even used to upvote several posts to the front page so that it combined would be a picture of donald trump. That's why they made r/popular, literally to censor the donald.

    whenever mainstream media news were posted, the highest voted comment would debunk it

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    What are your hobbies?

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    Hopefully not masturbating and crying. There's enough of that shit already.

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    At the same time?

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    Gets 'em knocked out faster. 👌

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    Conditioned response.

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    Which one is the stimulus?

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    Average Saidittor.

    (Can you name the movie?)

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    Link doesn't work for me, says too many redirects.

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    Well, I'm gonna step over my principles and link to a porn site, because that's the only place where I can find this movie scene. WARNING: not safe for work / jet199.

    Average Saidittor.

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    I made a really popular comment and used it to bash trannies.

    I'm not really into women suffering.

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    I am senior moderator of a Reddit sub that gets a steady stream of traffic.

    Every once in a while, I just randomly invite users to be moderate and then when they blink wrong I ban them from the sub.

    It's fun reading their hate mail.

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    Can I be a mod there?

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    I doubt it. I just randomly selected them.

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    What is the sub?

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      Emotional maturity of a reddit mod. Story checks out.

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      I do it because I don't like Reddit, and just fyi, I approve ALL spam.

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      I'm not seeing it, did I type it wrong or something:

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        See any good tranny porn recently?

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        Welcome fellow outcast

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        I used to visit reddit quite a lot. Now I use Saidit in its place instead. Here you'll find a ton of incredibly insightful folks, some (literal) shitposters, a handful of paid shills, and the occasional light splash of drama. It's the full package. The real deal. Welcome

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        For a more comprehensive list of what you'll encounter here, check out my parody of It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

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        Welcome fellow outcast. Be careful who you make friends with, socks is not cool. Just ask anyone liberal if their socks, and you can tell by the reply.

        There’s drama here. Turn your phone sideways to see the live chat and drama.

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        Reddit consists of, at minimum, 75% bots. There's absolutely no point in interacting with the site.

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        I quit reddit after getting blocked by groups. Maybe2 mo. They lost a genius

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        Welcome to the club friend.

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        It is ridiculous. Was bored, so I am currently arguing with some snot nosed brats on reddit about why inclusivity is a bad thing. It's a matter of time before my account is banned again and I don't care.

        I was shocked to see r/cooking was dead and the conversations there were, were awful. All the knowledge and experience has been drained away.

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        Its been that way for years. You were part of the problem if you tolerated it for this long.

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        Hi there. I hope you have a good time over here.

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        Reddit = 🗑

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        Welcome to saidit!

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        Hey, man! Welcome!

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        I wonder if Reddit is part of the Jesus/Jew and Trump conspiracy?

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        It's owned by a jewish family and connected to Jeffrey Epstein

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        Welcome Dr. Spaceman

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        Jews own reddit. Are you surprised?

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        So you're into rap, eh? What do you think of my rap Leftist Paradise?

        And on the subject of bans: check out my poem When I'm Banned.

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        I was banned on the "science" sub, permanently, for daring to notice their complete capture by the trans cult. There's no science of any worth that says a man can become a woman.

        I will not comply with this ridiculous ideology.

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        Shoot fam, I've been banned for stating exactly what a different r/science post has already proven. When i appealed, i sent them a link to their own sub proving me correct. Still no unban or answer, such a joke over there on reddit.