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Sorry to hear it man, but welcome to saidit!

A lot of people here are going to be able to relate. I didn't like seeing the censorship on reddit and other platforms. I didn't think it was so bad when it was just "fat people hate," but when they even started to censor medical discussion of coronavirus it seemed creepy to me.

Saidit isn't perfect re censorship either but it's better than reddit.

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Good luck getting your voice heard here! It's more quiet then a graveyard on Monster Mash night!

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a graveyard on Monster Mash night

I am not sure if this is quiet or loud... maybe I don't know enough about the Monster Mash

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"It was the Monster Mash it was a graveyard smash!" Sesame Street video Parody here and a cover much more to the original song here: (Sesame Street audio only)

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Reddit vote counts are fraudulent and shadowbanning is a thing. You may not get the same fake internet points here, but your voice is more likely to be heard.

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I'd love it if this site had funny gifs like GLP does over there. My favorite one there is that Picard one.

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Bro thats why Im here -- honestly found this by trying to get back on reddit and realized its far not worth it.

It started last week when I was bot banned from r/justiceserved for just being a member of r/conspiracy. I messaged a mod asking whats up and was given 3 day suspension for harassment. immediately after i was permabanned for 'continuously violating reddit content policy'. This was a 7 year old account.. I made a new one - and it was immediately banned along with my wife and sons account.

Reddit is a cesspool

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along with my wife and sons account.

did they ban by IP?

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I bet he cussed out the mod doing so. 'What the fuck is up!' is NOT the way to make a mod notice you. Well actually it IS but in a negative way and your likely reported on some database so if you cause further grief you'll get the FBI and maybe the DHS involved in wire tapping to make sure you AREN'T going to do a suicide bombing. Too many loose screws out now.

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lol aint no alphabet soup getting involved for telling reddit mods to go fuck themselves. I could start doxxing all mods and no one would show up. thats a facade.

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Dude I get permanently banned 2 or more times a week, and my best downvotes count is 100.

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I had million of karma when I got banned.

I had karma for saying things counter culture.

“I hate fat people”

“Democrats are full of shit”

“Democrats are the new republicans”

And conspiracy theories.

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    Yea. But I thought I was hot shit.

    People on Reddit look at karma and are like 😮.

    I was like a celebrity in r conspiracy.

    And then suddenly everything started getting banned.

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    We actually have a very large Venezuelan dollar that in normal times would've been worth a ton. Now it's worth not even 25 cents but we got it from a friend as a joke.

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    Zimbabwean hundred trillion dollar banknote

    They actually printed those with an expiration date, which is one reason they were so valueless.

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    Well it's likely the 2nd one that got you banned from the site as a whole. Nobody enjoys being cussed at. The 1st one is offensive but can be ignored depending on how sensitive that sub is. On a regular forum they are very sensitive and you'd be on mod preview I know because I've called out stupid posters and they don't get into trouble but YOU do.

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    Sure, whatever faggot.

    Fuck you, fuck your mom, I did last night.

    And have fun fucking your self.

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    That kind of behavior is what we don't want. I don't care what you believe in just don't do that stuff. Your bloooooooooooooccccccccccked! Have fun rolling in your own shit!

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    Yup been banned 7 times

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    This site will be your 8th. As Revali (The weird bird guy) would say in Age of Calamity "Watch and learn!" and Teba would say (When using stasis) "Feeling stuck?"

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    Only admins can do that. Well, or so they say; you never know what secret powers the default mods might have.

    Anyway if you look through old reddit posts, almost every account is suspended. It's impossible to use reddit any significant amount without getting banned, unless you happen to be connected to the admins.

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    I was permanently banned for saying something to the effect of, "fuck the police, burn the United States down," in an anarchy sub in regard to the Tyre Nichols situation. Apparently Reddit doesn't appreciate hyperbole when expressing discontent to the US government because it was labeled as a, "threat to a group of people."

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    Weird. They do it all the time to us. They did it in Portland all of summer 2020 and BRAGGED online yet where is the ban hammer on THEM?

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    The 2020 riots were attacks on the citizenry, not the government. That’s why they didn’t care.

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    Sorry to hear that. But well, welcome to Saidit. It can be whatever you want it to be. It's so pro-free speech you are only allowed to ban people from your own subs if you isolate them from the rest of the site. I suppose that due to the size of the site, what matters the most is the content shared in the front page too.

    I hope you have a good time using it!

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      Thank you, hfx

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      I got my ass booted off Poal recently, though TBH I was low-level baiting the guy that runs the site so I asked for it. I toyed with going back but frankly I'm not missing anything, the place was weak cheese to put it mildly. Reddit is different, however, because of the huge number of diverse subs and immense number of users a large portion of which are not running around with a banhammer and spoiling for an excuse to impose their sense of justice upon any and all that dare utter a word that does not align with the hivemind. In short Reddit continues to be extremely helpful when I have practical questions about a hobby or my new cell phone or whatever. But I'm very careful to police my language when making a post, because I know that even in the most innocuous subs the morals police are ever vigilant. It's a hint of what living in Russia was no doubt like. You could never be sure which neighbor or acquaintance was waiting for you to slip up and utter something against the state, so that they could report you and curry favor with their overlords.

      So I continue to use Reddit, as much as I fucking despise the place. It is heartening to see that subs are starting to post stickied notices pointing to an on-line community for that particular interest that exists elsewhere. The day I no longer need to go to reddit to post questions will be a happy one indeed.

      And to be clear I sometimes look elsewhere when I have a question. But reddit has provided more quality solutions over the years than my attempts to "just google it" by a significant margin. Again it's the sheer volume and variety of Redditors. However recently I saw a report that reddit had dropped off the list of most visited sites. So between the place getting less traffic and users going away because they are banned or because they are sick of the BS there its usefulness is no doubt in decline. A trend that most certainly will only accelerate.

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      Reddit and Discord are losing visitors fast because they're banning all of them.

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      Ain't much better here other then lack of censorship. Just gotta tow the DUMBOcrat party line here and NEVER say why you like Trump. Not even a single policy NOR can you state why you want to see America go back to its' roots and get strong again. You have to either be 'neutral' or HATE the US in a snarky way.

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      Did you do something to the mod's butt?

      What did you write (or what was the topic)?

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      The gay couple who pimped their adopted kids. It was posted on the conspiracy sub. The justiceserved sub retaliate by mass report and banning rconspiracy member from their sub. Since one of my alt reddit account automatically followed the sub by default upon account creation, my main got banned as well. This ain't 3 days suspension but permanent account ban from reddit

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      Sorry, mate. I think that was a legitimate concern, and if there was a need to debunk it, they could have tried to debunk it, rather than kill the debate. There are several 'lobbies' (if I can call them that) on Reddit that have fucked up the discussions. One of them I would call an LGBTQ+ lobby. Many on Saidit are familiar with these lobbies, and perhaps this is a topic for /s/asksaidit in due course. (BTW - PM me if you want to appeal the decision.)

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      It's not so much of WHAT you say but HOW you say it that gets people bumped. There's so many ways to say the right thing but if your going to be crude and rude straight from the start you deserve whatever they dish out and I have ZERO sympathy.

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      Congalratulations. At this point, getting banned from that shit hole is a badge of honor. Here is some gold kind sir. Oh wait... no gold needed here.

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      I wish there was Said It Gold but have it be voluntary and in the forum of 'post points' rather then real money being used sort of like how Steam uses Steam Points from how many times you play a game you own/achivements you earn in game,etc all earn you points to give various awards which is fun. I just recently discovered it and didn't know I had a gazillion points.

      Said it can do it in a fun way that's not a requirement to advance. God Like Productions have all sorts of funny GIFS and emotions that as long as you don't try to post you can view them. If you post you get banned.

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      One must have 2 accounts.

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      I’ve been banned by those kikes too. Welcome.

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      Welcome! It's much better here. It's like that table at school where all the weird, smart, interesting kids sat. :) thumbs up

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      There's no value in engaging with that site.

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      Probably a blessing in disguise.

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      GOOD FOR YOU! you troublemaker!

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      Reddit mods fucking suck. Welcome to Saidit.

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      Fight back, join Saidit, and make fun of them here.

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      You wanna have a laugh..l was permanently banned for some stupid shit from a SpongeBob mod...fucking hilarious...welcome to the club

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      Poor you. Are you going to cry about it, or are you finally going to embrace fascism?

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      Whenever I hear this I think of the scene in Goodfellas. "Oh, you popped your cherry!"

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      Why the hell were you at Reddit for 11yrs is what i want to know? It took me all of 6 months to get permanently banned.

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      I've been there for a decade. I'm banned from most of the major subs but not from reddit itself.

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      Maintaining the same Reddit account for 11 years... the mind boggles at the level of cuckoldry required.

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      11 years: wow! You are a tough one, I wouldn't have lasted there for a week

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      If your banned on Reddit as a site whole then you likely deserve it. Now individual subs are a different matter since most of them are all left wing AND you will only be banned from that sub (or any subs connected these days)

      and you cannot DARE mention the actual truth of what's going on or your done but you must've cussed and been a real jerk in general nobody wanted to be with and I'd ban you so fast if you did that.

      It's like coming up to a house and yelling at someone you don't know then wonder why they pointed a shotgun at your face demanding you leave or they'll call the cops (with their cell phone waving at you). Plus the whole neighborhood knows to watch out for you too so they'll give that guy a quick ring that your on your way over to dish it out some more! Meanwhile he's loading more shells in his shotgun and has the cops on speed dial.