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There are no downvotes on Saidit, and personal insults are a violation of site TOS.

Welcome aboard!

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I caught up to that fact a little after posting this introduction, I was pleasantly surprised at the decisions made by the staff, and reckon it does make sense. Whether this will turn into a cesspit or not eventually I don't know, but at least whatever ember of resistance remains, would be allowed to flicker, not get snuffed out immediately!

And thanks for the welcome :)

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Please start posting whatever you find interesting! Especially non-political content! Looking forward to see what you got! :)

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Down votes and deleting stuff are a badge of honor from a normie. It means you think for yourself, which means your the best kind of human to solve problems and have fortitude to do actionable things. Which are very important in preserving liberty, if there is an even a chance to in reality anymore. It's the way a child operates, you're dealing with children.

Welcome, you transphobe conspiracy theorist bigot Hitler lover. Just in case you still want some reddit speak.

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I agree, and the internet has given voice and power to people who have not really had their logic truly tested and put under scrutiny. One can get away with acting like a complete moron on the net, and unless they hold themselves accountable and seek to be truthful, they can just carry on like that and join whichever echo chamber fits them best.

Thanks for reading you elderberry smelling fart! Just to keep that healthy vibe

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Such people are here too of course. Steel yourself for your first encounter with the likes of site_rly_sux and dicknipples and others. They're rabid propaganda pushers.

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Whalecum for thee arth most whalecumest of all here for participating in a joyous laughter!

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Where is the Down Vote thingy?!?!? lol

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Sheds a tear. The nostalgia!

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Welcome to Saidit. Say anything you wish here, anything at all. Also feel free to disagree with anything. Saidit needs more debates. Don't worry if someone offers an idiotic response, as can happen. Try not to promote violence or porn. For example, I was banned for recommending the slow turture and murder of Tucker Carlson (and I still recommend it).

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I agree, and the internet has given those who haven't actually had spacebar clicker their reasoning examined or tested a voice and influence. On the internet, one can get away with acting like a complete idiot, and if they don't hold themselves responsible and try to be genuine, they can just keep doing that and join whichever echo chamber suits them the best. I appreciate you reading, you elderberry fart! Just to preserve that positive attitude