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Welcome you racist piece of shit! Your post is bigoted and you're an anti-semite flat earther conspiracy theorist ant-vaxxer!

You know you miss reddit. I'll help you remember.

Welcome Hitler Lover.

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Thanks lmao I can't believe flat earth gets thrown in there these days they're just reaching now. I think they ask certain questions to bait us out so they can ban the ones they missed with NNN. It sucks that its the mainstream place to ask stuff. But yeah I been a bigot, nazi, racist, incel, terrorist all the names, never thought I'd ever see the world this insane but here we are. I feel like I got flung into a portal by aku but I have no magic sword. I'm a racist just because I dont care about race and their BLM and crusade on racism is actually making it worse overall than its ever been I'm sure. I do think most stereotypes are true and a good guide to go off of but I typically judge everyone individually. I think all the ists and isms are not about equality but dominance these days.

The only one I agree with what they've called me is transphobe, but even then I dont violently hate them I just think there is brainwashing going and they are not and never should be normalized or in charge of...anything. They should be disregarded as children. My former childhood best friend, a straight guy who used to mock sjws, wanted kids, and even told me he was worried about what they're showing on kids tv and he thought there was an agenda, long before everything was woke and woke was a word everyone threw around...anyway he turned full on manhating vegan trans after like a month or two working for amazon-like medical company. I accepted him but I didnt shower him in undeserved fake praise like the rest of our friends did. Says everything we had was a lie and lost all interest in things we used to do and watch. Only likes makeup and orgies now (but remember to wear the mask during the orgy with strangers gotta stay safe) . Has gone on to be an onlyfans-having homewrecker of another degenerate, married friend. Definite brainwashing, definitely an agenda.

My exgf's friends sister became nonbinary, which has obviously rocked their family and she says it feels like her sister died, she's not the same at all. I know a lot of others who have kids that want to be trans etc, they say its less than 6% of the population but I think they keep the official number down so that no one worries until its too late.

I'm a simple man I just want to fuck around on the internet, watch things that hopefully aren't woke, exercise a bit, play guitar, and act like its the 90s until the world ends.

How bout you whats your story?

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Reddit is owned by a jewish family

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There are actually two companies that own Reddit: Advance Publications which also owns Conde Nast. Yes, but companies are headed by singular Jewish men.

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AP is owned by Donald Newhouse, a jew.

The same is true for all social media. Facebook, instagram, youtube, reddit, snapchat, you name it.

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Yeah fren, I saw that awhile ago. Then you know the head of Blackrock is a jew too, and they own everything along with Vanguard.

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They of course worked their way to these positions without scamming anyone.

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Nepotism plain and simple. Pajeets do this too.

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In their defense, American frontier people prefer to leave and make somewhere else better rather than deal with toxic garbage. Jews stay until they drain all the blood.

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Welcome! BTW: SMCAB is the worst person on Saidit. However, what's great about Saidit is that all of us can do whatever we want as long as we don't promote violence or post porn. Feel free to debate.

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This is dicknipples, aka a "socks" (socks was banned for calling for white genocide) clone. We keep it around to let us know what the normies are programmed with. Feel free to block it or keep it for infotainment.

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It's not socks, you imbicile.

Also - he was banned for recommending that Tucker Carlson should be slowly tortured to death. This is still very much recommended. Ask anyone. Get your head out of your ass.

Fucking direwolf, my ass...

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Fuck off. Shit stains like you are the reason he left Reddit. If we were to nominate a user for worst person on Saidit you'd be top runner. If you need confirmation, we can have a poll but you won't like the results...

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You genuinely believe I want the approval of anyone on this site? How stupid - mr megatron 95 mm micropenis.

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Your username confirms you have a dick the size of a nipple. I'm above average as your mom can confirm.

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I'm only the worst person on saidit to you, because you're tired of me calling you out and showing everyone who may not understand how a fat fuck like you even exists, what you're about and how you operate. Sorry fella, thems the breaks. You do it to yourself.

You don't hate me, you love me. You want to suck me off, but there is no way I'm putting honey mustard on my dick homie. Sorry.

And stop upvoting yourself you little bitch.

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Indeed - as you are so happy to confirm - you're the worst person on Saidit.

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Pretty much the same except all I do online is here. This is enough for me.

I could have typed what you typed, hahaha. Honestly, I'm just here to make dark humor jokes with the occasional conversation, and read what I can't read elsewhere. And to give a really hard time to all of our resident leftists if I'm bored enough, there are 3 genuine ones, maybe 4 that I can tell. But that doesn't make me a Republican, all I care about is my liberty, I don't do labels. It's us vs them, not red vs blue, and if we all knew that this whole shitshow would be a lot less shitty.

The rest are a guy named socks, you seem smart, and he's a transparent fatass so it won't be hard for you to figure it all out with a little attention paid. He literally responds to himself in the same thread from a different alt, and if you get him razzled enough, he forgets what name he's on and starts deleting posts. The majority of his upvotes are himself. It's quite funny, and wholly pathetic.

I lift everyday and I play guitar too. How about that? My favorite is my Schecter Damian 6 Platinum. All I play is Metal though, don't care to play anything else. Hahaha.

Welcome dude. It sounds like you'll like it here.

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Only likes makeup and orgies now

This is what all the LGBT shit is about. It's what it has always been about. Sex and drugs, but the drugs are secondary to sex. Your friend sold out for sex. They are most likely abusing underaged kids at those orgies. Drugging them and raping them.

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We have a /s/NoNewNormal here.
And some more forbidden subs like:
/s/VaccineSkepticism /s/VaccineInjuries
/s/Conspiracy /s/911truth
/s/CorruptScience /s/CoronaVirus /s/FuckMasks
/s/Gaslighting /s/Ivermectin, /s/LockdownSkepticism
/s/Mandates /s/PsyOps /s/Tyranny /s/Vaccism
/s/Physics /s/Biology

There are some shills and crazies around, but on saidit you can use:
"block user"
"mute sub"
To make things a bit easier.
And add "friends" and "subscribe" to see posts of people or subs that sometimes produce quality.

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Welcome COVID conspiracy theorist.

You also will get banned from Reddit for pointing out that they censor everything, the web site is fake, you point out that they are racist, say any facts, don’t go along with the leftist Dogma.

You are now free.

Everyone here is pretty great. We don’t all get along. Some of us, like me, are pretty much asses.

This web site has reached a like stale marriage state. We all agree I’m pretty much everything so conversations have stagnated.

There one guy named socks who uses like ten account to comment crazy stuff every where. He’s fun.

Blah blah blah. Welcome and good luck. Your free to tell the truth now.

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I got kicked off when they killed r/niggers during the Great Shoah.

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"That sub really had us verklempt, goyim!"

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Welcome to the gulag you bigot.

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Release the Kracken, another Anti-Reddit user is here!

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I think saidit is just a Russian funded hell hole (or is conductive to Russian goals, which is the same). Its only attraction is that when you type something in a text box is that it actually is put on a website, instead of the Great Filter throwing it out.

[–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children) is with cloud fare, which used but were booted off of by the tranny menace. I'm surprised the Troon machine hasn't come for this site yet.

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Troon machine being?

Why do people even use CloudFlare? What's the big problem with just serving up every request directly?

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Cloudfare is a ddos protection company and a lot of big companies use, that's why. They're good at what they do. If cloudfare pulls the plug, then the Matrix can death ping your servers, and will, preventing anyone from reaching the site.

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I'm a 52 year old computer animator and creative director but I'm focused on freedom fighting these days.

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Hey thats really cool like I said I'm dabbling in blender (free 3d animation) a bit, do you have any tips? What have you worked on (that you can show without doxxing yourself of course if thats an issue lol)

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I've been meaning to learn /s/Blender since it started, but I need an actual reason and project.
I haven't used a 3D package in a dozen years, but used to use SoftImage, XSI, Maya, Alias, 3DStudio Max, etc. - and that's just 3D. Most of my work was TV commercials, some music videos, and a bit on movies and series.
I should definitely learn the basics of Blender before I start teaching animation at the Windsor Media Center.

My old YouTube channel has had a tonne removed for whatever reason, so this is all that's left:
I'm an open book so doxxing myself has never been a problem.
In the old days everyone had their name and number in the phone book.

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I read NNN as No Nut November until I realized it's No New Normal. Haha. I was assuming that semen retention is now part of the evil nazi patriarchy or something now.

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Me too, just got here from Reddit > Voat > 9gag > Saidit

Wonder how long this will last. I love the site so far.

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What in the ever-living fuck is NNN?

Never mind (which is two words, people)- I figured it out. Yeah, Reddit is all about "new normal." Fuck that degenerate site.

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Welcome to the barge of the dammed! There are about 20 of us here , the rest are just bots.

My name is HiddenFox and I was banned for speaking up against Stalin, him murdering ~ 100 million humans and for my lack of support for communism.

High five for the 80s rock!

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I actually debated a bisexual degenerate on Reddit a long time ago who had nothing bad to say about communism, but everything bad to say about fascism.

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Welcome. You'll find some reasonable people as well as some loons. Look around, see what you like.

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Welcome to your new home. There is no ban-hammering or downvote brigades(no downvotes to begin with) here. Not to say it's 100% free speech but the only things that get removed are calls for violence and spam and there are very few admins to enforce the rules so almost anything goes. There are a handful of shills but they're pretty obvious and easy to ferret out. Anyway, enjoy your stay. With free speech being stifled on a regular basis, who knows how long this site has?

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Welcome. I hope you have a good time using the site.

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    Mental Outlaw the alleged glowie is good too.

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    this is pretty much all that goes on here. someone gets kicked off of reddit so they come here and talk about reddit. it’s dumb. enjoy

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    You need to go back.

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    Welcome. I have a lifetime ban there for posting conservative memes and calling out shills on the site. Everytime they see my personal hardware information and ip address, I'm gagged with read only access. is a suitable site if you just want to browse.