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There are assholes of every race, creed and culture. You might have bad experiences with some people but don't let that close you off and pre judge anyone who might look similar.

I've lived in ghettos and now a nice neighborhood and have amazing, trustworthy friends who are black, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Asian, gay, you name it.

I do think trans is a mental illness and should be treated as such.

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trustworthy friends who are black, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Asian, gay, you name it.

Do you have any Samoans or should I Go Fish?

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You know what? I do know a couple Samoans 😂

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jews did 9/11

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* Zionists

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Well, they did pretty much everything that caused trouble for white Christians.

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You sounds like a left wing.

Diddnt even use the word nigger once.

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I think you should be able to say this, it's your experience. There's usually some truth to it, but people are so fragile they cannot engage without feeling like they are fighting against genocide.

Personally I don't agree with your conclusions, and I feel you might be missing a lot of experiences that would easily change your mind and add more nuance, but that's besides the point. Censorship doesn't work, and things should be discussed as long as we're in respectful territory.

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Welcome to Saidit, motherfucker.

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Yeah I worked at a food bank. We had blacks with court orders working there too, they did fuck all will I busted my ass dragging food out of the freezer and shelves. Blacks would show up in new cars with bling and designer clothes and demand a bunch of stuff they did not quality for like TP or diapers, and the niggers "working" there would try to give it to them anyway. No shame. The occasional whites would show up skinny, wearing rags and with small kids, and were quiet and almost shamed looking. Also the people running it did zero work, they would be on the phone all day playing politics and go home early while I and a bunch or retirees busted our asses. I'm glad I did it but it was eye opening.

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Shouldn't reddit be the place you say this?
If SaidIt is an echo chamber, you can feel validated, but you're not giving anyone perspective. I read a wayback post the other day from around the 2008 financial collapse where, allegedly, a restaurant owner "admitted begrudgingly" he had turned to discriminatory serving practices.
So posts like that do (or did?) exist. I agree with the other two sane responders on this thread. u/ID10T and u/proc0

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Reddit has been an even stronger echo chamber / clusterfuck since many years ago. I got banned for a stupid joke I don't even remember, and never looked back.

Unfortunately people sleep walked into internet censorship. It might take a few generations for things to change so for now the only practical free speech is in the dark corners of the web.

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Right, and the push for identifiers online. That's just creepy af. No thanks CCP! No social credit for us.

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then why would you use it?

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Welcome home.

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racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe and a nazi, but transphobia is where reddit draws the line? /s