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I don't think you'll have an issue with that here. Most of us are also wrongthink refugees from Reddit and other places, welcome to Saidit

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yes, it came from the left, where else? If I were you I would take a serious look at my political affiliation

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it came from the left, where else?

Here of course.

Imagine thinking that Identity Politics, which came from American campuses dominated by privileged bourgeois elites, and has been completely embraced by 90% of global capitalist corporations, is left-wing.

In particular, trans ideology is massively funded by activist capitalist billionaires. People like

  • Jennifer Pritzker, a pro-Trump Republican and, except for his trans kink, a social conservative.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates.
  • The Ford Foundation.
  • George Soros (it makes me laugh when Americans call Soros, who made billions manipulating currencies and investing in capitalist firms, a "commie").

Trans activism is funded by capitalist billionaires and the foot soldiers in this war are the university-educated bourgeois. Its not leftist.

C.C. u/BeeGee

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Fair enough, but you have to agree that it was adopted by the left and rejected by the right.

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Welcome, but fair warning: you will need to grow a skin. Most of the gender critical lefties who came here during the purges have run off to other safe spaces. Turns out they wanted free speech and freedom from criticism.

I think the biggest problem is they couldn't introduce other to the site without exposing them to arguments they couldn't win.

So are you here to debate, or are you looking for another safe space for conversations that fit in your sandbox?

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anybody who is at all critical of the trans movement is silenced, shouted down, excoriated, or worse everywhere else.

Welcome to how it feels to be not on the left of any issue. This ought to be an opportunity for you to recognize that your side's tactics are fucked up.

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I think society is clapping back. We can thank trans activists for that. They've gone so far over the top, they're pushing themselves into irrelevancy. Even the gays don't want them anymore and there's an effort to remove "T" from LGBT blah blah blah. And non-binary can just fuck off. You're not non-binary and you're not trans. You're just lazy.

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Welcome! Be sure to sort by new or all, site is too cozy to navigate sub by sub like reddit.

A lot the refugees here don't stick around as mentioned. People are free to talk about anything here pretty much and some of those subjects people are a bit sensitive to.

It's interesting how even when escaping censorship, people still long for censorship, just a version that suits them.

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Agreed and the reason they yell and scream is they know what they are doing is wrong. They cannot win an argument.

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Hello BeeGee, are you finding your way here? There's also a /s/GenderCritical over here. I didn't mention it when you made this account because I thought perhaps you already knew it but maybe not. Welcome.