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Welcome to Saidit. "Promoting hate" is just the bullshit excuse Reddit uses to systematically disenfranchise users who disagree with their allowed narrative. Fuck em. Every comment, every post there is you earning money for their propaganda machine of a company.

Although here on Saidit, Ukranian Nazis are probably seen as one of their few redeeming aspects by some.

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Welcome to saidit.

I will try to refrain myself from naming the jew, but reddit is owned by the jew Donald Newhouse, and Zelensky the president in Ukraine is jewish and the russian prime minister is jewish, and that Wagner guy that went against russia, the other week, is jewish, basically everything is jewish. You can check it up on wikipedia and checking their early life, if you don't believe me.

Saidit is great, if you can stand free speech. We are pretty fun and we like to have good conversations, unlike on reddit where you're attacked constantly and it is basically just about being miserable all the time.

Saidit is great for ones mental health

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I was banned from a sub for "promoting hate", for friendly writing that masks did not work. The post was deleted by admin, to make tracking-back impossible.

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At first it seems absurd that Reddit and the media are hiding NAZIs from sight. They generally do everything they can to accuse everyone of being NAZIs. The lazy rationalization to this is that they simply want to promote support for Ukraine and that is why they suppress any negative news about it.

But consider that war has been used by those in power to genocide the masses throughout history. Given that Ukraine is controlled by jews, and many people speculate that Ukraine intentionally caused this war by murdering ethnic Russians in Ukraine and not so secretly collaborating with NATO, there may be a conspiracy in all of this to genocide all those who associate with that ideology.

In support of that genocide they want to stop any discussion about it because that discussion will always lead to talking about how jews run Ukraine while NAZIs die on the battlefield for them.

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I think using Newsweek artical on Nazism in Ukraine would be a better idea because it's doesn't have a russian sounding name, and it leans center, that means less people are gonna think that it's right wing propaganda.

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i wonder why those nazis want to work for the jewish president of ukraine

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Because they aren't working for Zelensky. See?