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I know there is a 2 week delay to make a new sub but if an Admin here could somehow lift that from my account, I can start bringing more members to your website right away.

PM me for more details. I'm not malicious or anything. I can show you the Subreddit I used to run and what it was about. And if you grant me permission I can get my mod team over here and work out a migration plan for my subreddit's refugees.

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What was your sub called?

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Welcome to Saidit.

I could make the subsaidit for you and add you as a mod. I'm one of the regulars. Let me know, I'll try to keep a watch.

Shoulda really had a backup already made and ready to go, with members apprised of its location beforehand. :(

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Welcome aboard. Yeah, that'd be great. I'm confirming that Chipit's a regular so I hope that works for you, and if it doesn't you can let me know.

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LarrySwinger2 is one of our paid posters. LOL I don't know what he's on with this, some new tactic.

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I just got a nine year old account permanently suspended for abusing the "report" button I have never used.

I pretty much only post timely jokes and usually avoid politics.

But I can't help but notice I said something snarky about SanFran getting cleaned up for Xi and a day later I'm banned with a threatening letter about how I better never use reddit again.

*edited to include the word "never"

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That's why Saidit was founded, friend. Welcome aboard and I repeat my invitation to help doing whatever I can as a regular.

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dont worry the tards there are recorded on hacked DBs

and "I was Just Following Orders" will work for those censornazis as well as it did for the oldie-timey nazis

gather the most recent things you had posted there to be ready after the 2 weeks are up

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Good kuck.