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Welcome you bigoted, racist, conspiracy theorist who dares speak against the mainstream. Have fun.

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I got banned from so many subs I lost count.

I left that kindergarten class about 4 years ago.

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I was banned for discussing science experiments in the /sciencephilosophy sub. Etc.
Even got banned from several subs from participating in a science sub.
If you don't follow the nonsense, you will be banned from some reddit sub.

Not even touched the political discussions, because they are usually full with logical fallacies.

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Every AskReddit thread has 90% of the comments about politics. "What is the worst thing that's happened to you?' Trump won, Biden won, found the fascist, found the communist, stfu, umad, reeee nazi, gtfo putin, israel bad, palestine bad, your mom is fat... blah blah blah... Those idiots have the intelligence of a potato.

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But they also turn every discussion into something political.
Look at this cat.....
who survived the bombing.

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Check out this beautiful architecture... ...In Iran.

Look at me, I picked up 8 bags of litter. (I'm also black, gay, and a recovering alcoholic)

Check out this war footage of someone getting mortally wounded. (Adds inspirational music)

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I'm hoping to have conversations with the productive 20%.

Oh boy, you sure picked the wrong site for that goal. Because there's plenty of people here who act just like those Reddit mods, only they don't have mod powers here.

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That I can deal with :)

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Welcome. Similar situation here regarding that 80 v 20 quest. Censorious and censorial Clown World Afro Wig has become beyond vomitorious eruptus online and off-.

Your post also reminds me that I haven't done / didn't know about Introductions on SaidIt until today... Off to hoot or / and holler accordingly.

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Welcome to the barge of the Dammed!

I here because I went to and ran my username. Found 23 post that had been taken down by mods or auto mods.

Some of the auto mod take downs I still can't figure out what was wrong with the posts. Might have been edgy but I have seen worse on reddit.

Some of the mod take downs were nothing more then total abuse of power. One example, I agreed with someone who told a story about what life was like during the cold war under communism and my comment was manually deleted by a mod! 100% clean comment. No swearing or anything. Plenty of comments shiting on the guy's story that the mod left alone. Looking back I think they were trying to sway the comment section big time.

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Welcome aboard. We're more of a tea room full of oddballs who agree to disagree than a world spanning monolith of Orwellian conformity. Enjoy the weirdness.

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Welcome! I'm the same. A former liberal I guess. Seems like the left has become a cult where you get cast out if you, even slightly, question the orthodoxy.

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Welcome - though beware of the autistic fascism on Saidit (unless you like that sort of thing).

You can say anything you'd like, with the exception of sharing porn, doxxing, or actively wanting to murder someone (which I think was recently allowed, but idk).

We don't discuss philosophical problems enough on Saidit, so please do discuss or post as much of that as you can.

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I think most of that comes as the rebound effect of places like reddit having far-left cancel-vultures shitting on everything. You have to love all gays and blacks or risk being banned from the site by some vindictive asshole tranny mod. The site is full of homo/race ragebait and their stupid narcissistic politics trying to be the center of attention everywhere.

I'm all for letting people be what they want to be, but leave me the fuck alone with that bullshit. The world doesn't want to see all the homos suck face and twerk on TV, nor does every show have to have every couple a mixed race, or make "diversity" so obvious and out of place it breaks the 4th wall.

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I was banned for posting empirical evidence that 98% of monkey pox cases were spread by gay men.

I was also banned for saying I liked Harry Potter. Some SJW assholes have a beef with the author, and therefore, I should be banned for liking Harry Potter.

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They were really worried about normies realizing that the children that got it were in fact getting raped by gay men.

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There's a 2% chance (overall) that they weren't. Obviously could be said in a misleading way depending.

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Bless your heart.

Please visit: /s/IdFuckHer/

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You're about two years late to the party; this is effectively a dead site with easily less than 100 active users and a constant barrage of blatant spam that never gets removed.

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It's so sparse here, yet I get more interaction from this site, than I do on reddit. Most comments there go ignored, or auto-censored. I have a feeling it's 99.9% bots by now.

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spam and contrary expression

so here its an exercise in tolerance - the way society used to be (required back when you spoke directly to someone and their reaction might have direct consequences to you)

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My behavior has little effect on me, as it's an anonymous forum, although, being an offended snowflake doesn't seem to get someone else cancelled like it does on reddit. tbf, I would rather hear someone's politically incorrect thoughts or things I disagree with that are genuine than the soulless PC banter we're forced to endure everywhere now.

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Welcome aboard. We're more of a tea room that's one quarter full of oddballs who agree to disagree than a world spanning monolith of Orwellian conformity. Enjoy the weirdness. Also, don't forget to confirm that you're human

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Hi there. I hope you enjoy using the site. There's usually interesting things in the front page and I tend to post cool things the whole time. I created my own nationalist and religious philosophy called "Marcelism", if you find this kind of thing interesting:

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This is a good place.

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The cake is a lie

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A decade late, but whatever.

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there is alot of sociopathy amongst the mods on reddit

too many tiny minds who dont understand they are enabling their own eventual destruction

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It seems like the user is seeking more open-minded discussions with like-minded individuals. In such cases, platforms like omegle could offer a space to engage with a broader range of perspectives beyond the confines of specific subreddit communities.

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Maybe there's room for finding common ground on Reddit. While some subreddits might be stricter soccer skills world cup, others might be more open to respectful debate.

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If you want a serious conversation about politics, you can forget about it. Reddit is owned by multinational media corporations. As such, it is nothing more than a propaganda tool for the elites, where social policy is concerned.

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Hi. I like turtles.

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Hey, welcome! Namaste, man.

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I'm not going to make an introduction post because my story is the same as thousands of others it would seem - the level of censorship on Reddit very often makes it impossible to have a conversation which is one of the main reasons the fricking internet exists in the first place. Reddit and its moderators have mastered every form of censorship - they will ban you from a subreddit, they will suspend your account, they will delete comments without saying so, they will refuse to post relevant links etc. Reddit is going downhill faster than stackexchange before it, and it seems they have no interest in turning things around, presumably because the people who own the site are hopeless groupthink lovers who spend their whole lives trying to figure out what 'mainstream' opinion is so they can immediately sign up to it in order to demonstrate their absolute subservience to the 'deep state', or whoever the f*** they think is watching them and is interested enough to interfere in their lives somehow. Humanity really can do without people like that.