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i got permabanned for encouraging and glorifying violence against pedophiles.

i appealed claiming i was simply advocating for legislative changes that would see offending pedophiles face capital punishment through the judicial system.

idiots will misconstrue anything to justify cancel culture.

this most recent ban might actually be time for new accounts.

i might have also said transbians are hetrosexual males and any so called lesbian claiming to accept them is a straight/bisexual female.

trans activists are trying to redefine heterosexuality/homosexuality instead of embracing homogender/heterogender attraction. sexual orientation and gender identity are mutually incompatible.

accusations of transphobia are almost always deeply homophobic/heterophobic

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The reddit admins are pedophiles so naturally they protect their own. Same with all the gay/tranny political bullshit.

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I got banned for starting fights with dummies, and using my other account to back myself up when shit got too crazy. I dont know why, but I can't resist fighting with idiots on here. It maybe because Im part French. The block user feature that this site has is pretty cool. You can do it on Reddit but here its just a click of the button. Anyway, Im sure I have some unchecked aggression, I just hate idiots who spout off when they know nothing about what they're talking about. I dont either for that matter.

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Welcome to the real world, neo. Good job escaping the matrix. Your eyes hurt? It is your first time using them

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I mean... I'd like a dark mode.

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Write or post anything you want, with the exception of porn.

(You can also appeal the Reddit ban, though it is of course not a place for discussing certain topics.)

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After the Ukrainians hit a few targets in Belgorod, I received a Reddit permanent ban for typing, "the Russians in Belgorod are finally getting a dose of their medicine," which is correct.

Fuck Reddit and their Vlad supporters.

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Which sub? Subs seem to support Ukraine. (Can be appealed.)

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Combat Footage…I think it was a f*cking Muscovite who cried.

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Definitely there are Russian shills in that sub, along with pro-Russia videos and their constant complaints about Ukraine combat videos (the music played, suffering Russians &c). One has to go to Ukraine subs, or r/worldnews, or r/workdnewsvideo for better info (but r/Worldnews has corrupt mods who seemingly shill for Israel, China, Pakistan and India).

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Welcome. You can say anything over here except promoting violence and porn. You can have your own tribalistic subs as well with the right measures.

Yeah reddit sacks

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Too tired of that karma bullshit.

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its been that way since 12+ years, what took so long

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The funny thing is Reddit can't ban you. They can try but knowledge of vpns and proxies will prevent them from banning you.

I have so many alternative reddit accounts, it is a bit of a game getting banned from subreddits buy just posting conservative views.

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It was supposed to be a platform for open discussion and debate about a small world cup, but it seems that censorship and ideological bias have become widespread problems.