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G'day! Also fresh to the site meself, didn't know of this sub so will be doing a similar post!

Which ones were the nail for you? WPD and Gore? If so, my username should be familiar to ya ;)

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Hey buddy, welcome too!

Yup, was out when WPD was banned. I don't go there often so I don't recognize your username, sorry. I just had fond memories of it and the people there were really nice too, so I was upset when they finally decided to ban the community.

Well I guess that ban finally snapped me out of my reddit addiction because I don't open it anymore. I just visit /r/anime every once in a while to catch up with the latest discussions haha.

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I was Senior Mod and the bloke that built WPD from 15k to over 500k pre Nuke. That Admin callout post from when Vice wrote an article that garnered sitewide support was me :)

I still have me alt there - basically to spruik here to select folk - but will cut ties when that's not needed.

There is an /s/Anime here I believe, and I've just started on rebuilding the community - at least til is up and running, then more focus will be on that so we got a forever home :)

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Ah I see. Well it's nice to see the sub created already. I've told the discord group, hopefully they'll join in the move.

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Cool cool, with everything that's happened this week I haven't even LOOKED at the discord haha

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Welcome to Saidit!

Have fun by contributing some good contents and encouraging healthy discussion here.