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I never used Digg. I only found out about it through the news. I remember everyone was angry and flooded the front page with reddit links and reddit put out a nice little welcome banner for former diggers. I joined reddit at that time. Good memories.

I think reddit won't die out like digg. I think the user base will split into 3 groups. One group who likes their cat pictures and the sjw left will remain on reddit. The more free-speech minded general folks will immigrate here on saidit. And the alt-right, far-right will find their home on voat.

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I believe this too, although i really like the roughness of voat more than I can admit, here feels like pre 2015 or 2014 reddit somehow

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Having seen all three sites, I agree with you, I think what you say is a fair assessment.

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Reddit is dying. I've been on it since 2007 or so and it has completely changed from it's original manifestation. More importantly, the most dramatic change happened directly before the 2016 election. (And we all know why)

It's a shitshow now with a handful of sjw power-mods controlling the biggest subreddits.

Like Digg, Fark, Myspace, reddit will soon find it's place in the trash pile of websites people don't use anymore. And they did it to themselves.

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The powermod situation is really out of control on reddit. Look at the mods of any massive subreddit and you can see their extreme political bias just from the list of other subreddits they run. I hope this site spreads out the power a little more. I think it's great that they have rate limits on making new subreddits so one user can't just spend all day registering all the obvious default sub names.

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Those mods didn't start through subs, there was a stealthy takeover by srs sick puppets getting nodded then the other mods would get invited until they forced out the moderate veterans. it can happen here easily enough, maybe faster since the SOP is standardized.

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Been there, brother.

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That was my migration path too! Maybe also put fark before digg

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fark and digg! damn, I had not really thought about either of them in years.
I worked at a hotel during those years and spent many slow hours browsing those sites!
Thanks for the sweet nostalgia : )

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ha no problem. Also,, pokey the penguin cartoons, and those dinosaur comics. Those were all around that same era lol

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Too bad about digg though. It was pretty good for its time.

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Anyone remember Kuro5hin ?

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Anyone remember Kevin Rose?

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Pretty much me in a nutshell as well mate, welcome aboard.

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that's why I truly wish for a youtube competitor and I would totally jump ship. I just wished my subscriptions would stop bowing down in order to get that youtube rev.

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i was lurking digg back when. welcome to saidit!

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There's evidently a critical mass of participants, above which the 'normies'/mainstream/corporo-fascists step in and enforce conformity to the elites' visions.

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I'm feeling your same pain and thinking your same thoughts. Not sure I'm going to get anywhere close to ten years on this forum considering there are several people coming over from reddit who are already playing the racist card if your opinion is different than theirs, and you don't preach the mainstream bullshit. I spoke with a mod here who made it pretty clear that you're welcome as long as your line of discussion doesn't upset the majority. The majority here will be communists and socialists in no time as it's already filling up with them fast. I can't preach that screed so it won't be long before I'm banned, but if you're one of them, welcome to saidit! You'll be welcome here for many years to come.

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That's the thing I like about voat, you can write whatever you want and say whatever you want without feeling that you are going to be censored, I cannot say the same about saidit unfortunately. I lurk here just to see what other people are thinking since voat it's still pretty biased towards anything the left has to say (considering that I leaned more to that side in other years, thinking perhaps that it was a right path towards freedom, silly from me to think like that)

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I spoke with a mod here who made it pretty clear that you're welcome as long as your line of discussion doesn't upset the majority. The majority here will be communists and socialists in no time as it's already filling up with them fast.

I know what you mean, but if you ask me it's what the administration does to steer the site as a whole that matters more. If one mod wants to run their sub like a tyrant, then you can make your own. How the leadership reacts to a sub that goes against the grain of the populace will show the direction of the site as far as free speech and whatnot. Ten years might be optimistic, but if we can get a few years where contrary opinions and subs can at least be allowed without risk of banning; or the corporate overlords come and take over, then I can be happy during that time then migrate again if need be.

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yep, thats about how it goes

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Hi. I wish someone would make an app as awesome as relay for this site - and really wish the features of RES were available, but I simply can't stand to watch what that place has become. It's actually sad, because I loved reddit and made some of my best IRL friends in history there.

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I'm in the process of porting Slide, will probably take a while though.

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We do have halfway broken RES for SaidIt if you want to check it out. What RES feature do you miss the most?

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I should be clearer, different isn't bad, it's just different. If there was more activity here and an app that is as useful as Relay makes using the site on my phone, I'd be more active.

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Yeah no worries man, just trying to feel out the RES users. We haven't had much interest in the RES stuff until recently.

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I went Digg > Reddit > saidit.

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Hello fellow old Digg (and now Reddit) refugee! I think that we users will migrate to whatever the new, young, untainted new site is, hopefully to watch it grow and become more active and engaging. Then once it becomes large enough to get the attention of corporations/advertisers, the slow steady decline will begin until we finally hit the point where it's time to start looking for the next Digg/Reddit.

Almost like a flower on the vine, it seems like the life cycle of a popular website buds, blooms, and then inevitably dies. Nothing good lasts forever it seems. Our job as internet users is to hop from one flower to the next once it begins to wilt. Sadly, reddit has been wilting for a long time. Here's to hoping Saidit is beginning to bud and hopefully blooms soon.

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I never used Digg and only got into Reddit in May of 2017 under a different username than this. I got into a lot of keyboard spats with users though so abandoned that username for a new one. Then I lost the password - on purpose, really - but wound up creating a new account. After the Fall of r/watchpeopledie, among others, I've not been back to Reddit & never will return. What a relief to be here!

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How many times do we have to jump? I'm getting old :)