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There's an aspect of Saidit (and similar sites) that is not discussed much; for me, it boils down to "Be a good audience", by which I mean that posters with quality things to say deserve a good response. Whether you agree or not, part of the deal here is to have something to say (when it seems right to you) - dialogue is the point.

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I really don't like the nastiness that Voat users occasional throw out at other users, when they disagree. Name calling is not needed to make a point, unless one is unskilled at the use of prose. They're like spoiled rich kids with no parents teaching social skills.

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You complain about voat name calling and then immediately call them names. Civility can be difficult to maintain sometimes. I get called a lot of names on voat, I take it mostly as a test to weed out the easily offended.

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Saying some is "like a spoiled rich kid" is not the same as calling them a "fucking asshole". One alludes to actions that are subject to change. The other stabs at the person.

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    I wish I could have afforded to go to a rick kids school.

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    Since they are both disparaging as to their connotation of expected bad behavior, I would claim them to be synonymous.

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    Voat is now mostly dominated by a mix of shills(from reddit, activist groups, paid trolls, TLAs, whatever) and stormfronters, who are often indistinguisable in the environment they've created for themselves. And both work to drive off new members who might upset that status quo, by being rude and insulting to new people. After they get a critical mass to dogpile anyone outside, it's hard to turn a forum back. There's a few subs that avoid that through heavy moderation, which of course is a problem as well.

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    I remember reading something years ago about the nature of one's experience in approaching truth; at first you might recoil from an electric shock, another time you will forget what you came for, another time you will rail and kick the boards of your self-imposed playpen; someday, when you've tried everything else, you'll just take it in, without judging.

    And once a wise man said to me, "At some point you have to realize that you're going to be watching lambs led to slaughter, and know there's nothing to be done about it."

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    Sometimes someone says something so pants on head retarded that the only appropriate response is ridicule, or nothing at all. Some ridicule can be funny, but the culture here doesn't encourage it.

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    the culture here doesn't encourage it.

    Bull shit!

    You fuckin' bitch.

    JK! ;-)

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    This thread makes me happy, I agree completely. I see stuff on here I disagree with and I'm glad we have the full spectrum of opinions while avoiding the gutter stuff that's low on the pyramid of debate

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    Earth be flat. I'm glad we are not reddit also

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    Unfortunately I've seen a lot of very extreme opinions and not enough moderate.