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Islam needs a reformation comparable to the Christian reformation. Right now Islam is in a medieval stage. Like in the Christian dark age, today's Muslims are just too stupid to actually implement morals of any kind, regardless of what the religion itself says. For example Muslims overwhelming support the covid insanity and generally side with the left. All this is a product of stupidity.

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Might not the reason Muslims side with the left/establishment is that it allows them to have six children per family whereas everyone else has one child per family and so in 50 years they can dispense with the leftist BS and start throwing weirdos off buildings - or so they think?

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I think Hanlon's razor applies here. Also, traditional Anabaptists have many children without siding with the left/establishment.

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it's probably not just having kids but they support the left cuz the left lets them immigrate to their countries which are way better than the desert

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Probably also true. And soon the West will be worse than the desert and these stupid Muslims will feel Allah's justice.

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allah wants them to spread their religion so that is another reason they want to immigrate to the west, besides the west just being better