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Thanks for making this sub.

I'm an atheist so I don't have a dog in any religious fight, but I am a citizen of the world and hope to post things here if they relate to Islam more than any other sub title, if that's okay. Sometimes the news is good, sometimes not. Sometimes it's pro and sometimes con. I find I can learn as much from both and triangulate my own perspectives. I hope that's okay.

For the most part I think Islam, like all religions, has its pros and cons but most of the folks are just fine.

It's the extremists that make a bad name for everyone. I'm hoping someone will soon make (or I will eventually as they're on my list) a /s/Authoritarianism, /s/Banksters, /s/BigGovernment, /s/BigOil, /s/BigPharma, /s/Corporatocracy, /s/DeepState, /s/NeoCons, /s/NewWorldOrder, /s/Scientism, /s/SecretSocieities, /s/Technocracy, /s/ThinkTanks, /s/UNAgendas, /s/Wahhabism, and a /s/Zionism to truely, properly name the worst evils and dogmas in the world, In my opinion, so we may focus our attention on them.

Those named and focused on, would then, for the most part leave this sub in and of peace. #FightElitesNotEachOther

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I'll be honest with you.

I don't like islam. In fact, I hate.

But, you have the right to make this subsaidit(?). And anyone who tells you that you can't is a jackass. So go for it!

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I'll be honest with you.

I don't like your comment or why you felt you had to share your hate. In fact, I hate your hate.

But, you have the right to make this comment that reflects poorly on you, pretending to be about free speech (when it need not be restated on a site dedicated to free speech) with your microaggressions spewed from behind your keyboard. And anyone who tells you that you can is restating the obvious. So just saying!

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I don't hate Islam or Muslims, but those who give it special status over the West, and the majority of Westerners who support this.

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Salam brother

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