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The Israeli's are completely aware of these facts.

They simply don't care.

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I think there are different factions within Israel, that each have different ideas about the history.

The corrupt and violent system allows only one group to be powerful and dictate the policies of Israel. This also means that they dictate the press and declare what is true and not..

This means that many Israeli people are brainwashed into the Zionist beliefs. They really believe that other people are lying. Or even fear that they want them dead. That is what they read in the news-papers everyday. Similar to how the US feared communism, or how many of the far-left democrats are brainwashed.

The brainwashing about Israel also extends to the US. And I hope that by publishing the real history in a friendly way, we can change the way people think a bit.

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I mostly agree.

I should have qualified my statement with:

The Israeli's who are in power and control the media are completely aware of these facts.

They simply don't care.

Also, Israel is similar to the pre civil war South in the US. No amount of discussion would convince the average Southerner at that time that slaves were equals, or deserved equal rights.

A similar attitude applies to the average Israeli citizen in regards to the Palestinians. There are numerous interviews of average people on the street in Israel which strongly support this conclusion.

This attitude also extends to other ethnic groups, but isn't discussed as openly. This is a serious problem, and there aren't any obvious solutions.
The fact that 3000 Americans were murdered by the Zionists during the 9/11 false flag attack strongly supports this conclusion.