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If you have a valid script you can order from India, or other countries, online. If you (or anyone else) does NOT have a valid script, I think no one is going to arrest you but I cannot guarantee it. Prices online vary considerably so you will want to check and also insure that they will ship to your address.

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yeah I think it's tough, not all doctors are controlled, but all pharmacies are.

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Just do what a hormone-abuser did in 2018:

[She] was determined to do whatever she could to help other women from feeling as judged as she did. She filed a complaint through the American Civil Liberties Union alleging sex discrimination, and Walgreens ultimately agreed to a company-wide policy so customers would get prescriptions in a timely matter, even if pharmacists had personal objections to the medication.

Though I wonder what became of that policy.

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Our family already has over a thousand doses. It is distributed when and if it is needed.

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Have had no trouble with Publix pharmacy. Just adding if you have one near you.