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It seems as though the effect of parasites on cancers (and human health in general) is massively underrated. Modern medicine seems to approach diseases as being either bacterial or viral, and it seems parasites are ignored except in obvious cases. Yet livestock is typically de-wormed twice a year, and farmers de-worm their families twice a year too! So why do most doctors know next to nothing about parasites?

So the fact that most people have never de-wormed themselves in their life is kind of interesting to think about. And some of these parasites could live in your body for your whole life, and what those parasites excrete could be toxic in a way that builds up and causes cancer. Think about all the different things people eat throughout their life, it only takes one infection.

Some classes of fungus are similar to parasites in the way they're ignored by medicine. Like the "candida" infection most people have, it's a yeast which is a fungus. It makes you literally crave sugar. When the candida parasites in your intestines are deprived of sugar, they emit a hormone that makes you as a human being crave sugar to eat. So if you try to stop eating sugar you feel very bad. I saw a report of someone taking ivermectin and then all their sugar cravings permanently stopped, after a life of craving sugar. Because the parasite was dead for the first time ever.

How many cravings are driven by parasites like this?

And this is wild, but to take it a step farther, imagine you own a huge international sugar company and you want to sell as much sugar as possible, and you know about candida infections. From a profit perspective, it would be logical to encourage candida to flourish across the human population, and to downplay or diminish any anti-parasitics or anti-fungals that might reduce candida infections in humans, because that will instantly result in a loss of sales of sugar. The parasitic sugar salesman literally relies on candida parasites to prop up his profit model. Infections = profit. Seriously, the people who own the sugar industry must know this, right?

And then there's toxoplasmosis... worlds most common parasite, humans get it from cat feces and bad food. It's estimated 60% of humans are infected by this parasite. But does anyone take anti-parasitics for it? No... Even though we know in mice it causes brain changes resulting reckless and dangerous behavior that increases the chance of cats eating the mouse so the cat can get infected which increases the toxoplasmosis spread.... yet somehow when 60% of humans have it we just shrug it off? Why?

I've read from some people who take ivermectin that they feel extremely clear-minded after their first dose. Which makes sense given the hormone influence of the parasites over the human brain. But the first dose clears you out and additional doses don't give a similar mental boost. A lot of people also report having a lot of energy like 24 hours after they take it, which again makes sense if parasites are literally stealing the nutrients from your food, as well as your body having to deal with the parasites and their waste materials.

I also read about Black Walnut oil being good for killing parasites, it's an older treatment that works well and is cheap and easily available. Apparently on old farms a century ago families used to drink kerosene to de-worm, thank god we don't have to do that anymore.

I learned all that in the last few weeks, so I figured I'd share.

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So the fact that most people have never de-wormed themselves in their life is kind of interesting to think about.

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH for natural ongoing anti-parasite supplementation.
Super cheap and with numerous beneficial applications.

I have only recently learned about it, and I can't say enough positive things about it.

I've read 3 day fasting (or longer) is another effective anti parasite technique.
Activating latent auxiliary fuel healing abilities.
A lost art in the lives of the 1st world.

Edit: added quote.

Also, ivermectin is the Nobel prize winning miracle drug.

Cures the elephantiasis parasite. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Ivermectin is seemingly peerless, as more interesting evidence surfaces. Awesome post.

Best to have on hand as we enter a 3rd world future.

LIFE PRO TIP: Go to the farm store and buy up some emergency super IVERMECTIN horse paste, as horse paste because WGAF?!
If your elephantiasis is progressing, then I promise you'll use it.

Get the apple flavored version.

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Wow, that's deep and given me a lot to think about. I want to go out and get me some horse-paste.

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Apparently on old farms a century ago families used to drink kerosene to de-worm, thank god we don't have to do that anymore.

I've recently looked into the healing powers of Turpentine 100% pure gum spirits. Verbatim.
No fillers.

IIRC: It's distillate (from the old school stilling; conceivably DIY) of spruce pine needles.

Likely, the stuff of southern legend.
Stories of the plantation owner's daughter dying, and having exhausted all available alternatives he turns to the slaves for one of their cures.

The unlikely pine needle potion is consumed.

The young girls fever breaks, and she's awake by morning.

I'm currently trying it, and can say that it's on par with diatomaceous earth (which I started with first).

I've been topically applying it to ingrown hairs, and pimples, and whatnot. Handling out makes my hands, cuticles and fingernails feel cleaner. Healthier.

I've been running out of hairs and irritations to try it on.

Not exactly scientific, cause it's a diatomaceous-turpentine combo.
Results trump "science".

Also, legit science is awesome.

The wisdom of the ancients warrants a look by a non-medico-pharma interest.
The original source documents, and good ol gumption..

Black walnut oil is on the menu.

Edit: I forgot to include the exceedingly credible Turpentine 100% pure gum spirits DIY source.

Therapeutic Uses of Turpentine - Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowan

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in India, where the delta variant came from, they had a massive black fungus problem, it was reported on a little bit. I don't think delta existed, it was just regular covid, but covid is more dangerous when someone has a comorbidity, and fungus can and does weaken the immune system.

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Interesting thought. In South Texas there is a lot of black mold in houses and air conditioning systems because the humidity levels and temperatures are always so high. I often wonder how that impacts general health.

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Mold is everywhere. I'm always fighting leaks in my basement. Trying to seal them. I notice dehumidifiers are all sold out right now. I think there is a lot more rain cuz of climate change and this summer was very rainy in particular.

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Maybe I should get a dehumidifier. I guess A/C helps dehumidify, but not enough to get rid of the mold.

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I need to get one but yeah going to home depots website or ebay or whatever all the good ones are unavailable right now. A hurricane happened this year and they went quick. I want a 70 pint one for my size basement. It might also have to do with a chip shortage and supply issues. Down south they don't have basements, they have the right idea.

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Weird. It seems certain random things are completely out of stock at random times. I don't know if it's because of all the shipments at sea not being able to unload or what. Which I hear is itself a manufactured crisis.

Yeah down south we can't have basements because they always crack and flood lol. Would be nice to have during tornado season though

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I've read from some people who take ivermectin that they feel extremely clear-minded after their first dose.

This makes me want to wait for some important event...

"Tomorrow's going to be a big day... I need to be 100% on point... Prolly have a parasite, or something. Nice perk."

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Yes, many antiparasite medications show very high anti-tumoral activity.