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It was pretty clear from the beginning that there was a huge corrupt power against safe early treatments.
Those that work well are even forbidden in many countries.

The most evil face showed itself when they had changed the (FDA) protocols for Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).
Instead of the normal dose, they gave the patients 4 times overdose..
These patients were more likely to die, and this evil was used to make the widely used medicine seem dangerous.
The papers based on this are still not retracted, and HCQ is still forbidden for this reason.

Generally this medicine seems to be an activator. In combination with Zinc or some medicine, it was able to save more tan 95% of patients. This combination protocol was not used by the powers, to make the medicine seem less effective.

Ivermectin works a lot better, and can be used in combination (like HCQ) to get far better results.

Promoted by Fauci, the most used drug became the expensive Remdesivir, which failed all trials and made things worse.
I think the people behind these frauds should be punished as murderers.

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Trump mentions the stuff and the left's knee jerk reaction is to demonize it.