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every institution that has any power or any main-stream credibility is irreparably corrupt, any person you see speaking with any power or main-stream credibility is probably under constant threat of blackmail and scandal from those manipulating them, and by extension anyone dumb enough to listen to them.

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The Emergency Use Authorization of the mRNA vaccines in the USA has a stipulation that requires that "no other treatments exist" in order for the shots to remain in use under the EUA.

So pharma pays media 1/100th of a cut of the sales of the vaccine, and in return the media trips over itself to sell this vaccine and to demonize any alternatives that might threaten the EUA that makes the mRNA shots possible.

It's really that simple. Follow the money.

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Yes. The money is the driver behind all this corruption.
Do you have more info about the 1% cut? Or is it an estimate?

Here is the example of Ivermectin by Prierre Kory.
It is available at elderly homes, but not at hospitals., because one wants to keep customers, and the other wants to get new customers.

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It's just an estimate. In reality it's probably a fixed-dollar amount and it's probably done in the same way as typical advertising (which pharma has done for decades on US tv) only with a few more under-the-table deals involved. I'm sure these deals are extremely hush-hush, but I'd be curious to hear more info if anyone has info.

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Big Pharma hates inexpensive treatments especially when they are more effective than their highly profitable "drugs".

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Although there are problems with anything Big Corp, the reliabity of the peer review process for medical research in JAMA far exceeds the reliability of a random person's opinion of JAMA. It's that simple.