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Working cheap medicine have always been under extreme censorship.
That is why we never get healthy food advice to begin with.
The corporations have also found many corrupt ways to influence the science
community into accepting their bad and expensive solutions.
It already started with Rockenfeller Medicine
and the Eugenics principles of the early health "care".

If you do cure people with cheap medicine as a doctor you get punished in many ways.
The institutes are to keep the doctors under control, not to make patients healthy.
The fake science is to gaslight people and doctors into accepting the toxic medicine.

Also see People that were blocking the cheap medicine that cured people

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Thanks for the links.

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I went to tractor supply like two years ago. And I bought like two whole boxes of horse ivermectin. A specific brand.

I take it if I feel slightly ill. I take it if it has been over two months since I have taken it.

I feel like radioactive Superman. Taking this shit has never, ever, made me feel more alive, or more better. In my entire life.

I have cared for people who have covid. Like they have coughed in my face. I never got covid. I have no immunity to covid. I simply did not get sick.

I strongly suggest every single human being get a lifetime supply of ivermectin. And if you ever get slightly sick, take some. It makes everything brighter.

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Yes, one does hear comments from people who have used IVM for flu and other viral infections - and they report it helped them.

So it would not be surprising.


Prophylaxis with IVM seems to work.

However, I have seen with Omicron that while a family's close contacts did not get symptoms day1-7 - but they did show some post-day8 hyperinflammatory signals (some fatigue, another with elevated pulse rate).

These were fixed with steroids-at-day8.

So I would say that IVM - plus a backup of steroids-at-day8 to prevent post-day8 hyperinflammatory stage or the occasional cases of "creeping inflammation" in "mild" cases - in such cases steroids-at-day8 prevents this too.


So both Ivermectin - and steroids - make for an even more cautious treatment safety net.

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That’s not to mention the other methods.

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Also posted this to r/cancer and r/MultipleSclerosis on reddit.

Post was removed in both places.

And perma-banned by r/MultipleSclerosis.


So censorship is not just in the covid19 universe - but is systemic.

This when there are published data suggesting benefit for nerve remyelination.

And Dr Steven Phillips is reporting from his clinical experience.