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Your claims:

"Jewish" Sabbatean-Frankist movement actually controlled by the Jesuits

the whole Sabbatean-Frankist movement is an example of the Jesuits pushing for the crypto Jew narratives themselves and it is in fact, a crypto-Catholic and disinfo movement

Your evidence:

the Frankists were supplied with theological arguments against the Talmudists by Father Konstanty Awedyk and other Jesuits in Lwo´w. The role of the Jesuits was often debated;

So Jesuit "influence" I can buy, you've presented some evidence for this, but instead you are using the strongest word possible here, Jesuit "control". Why are you using the strongest possible word? Are you that sure of your argument here?

How did the Jesuits control two different Jewish movements/cults separated by 100 years?

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You are never going to find a theory that explains reality to a full 100%. A lot of Scholars actually do agree that Frankism was completelty a Jesuit thing. When it comes to the Bolshevik revolution for example, why would Ledochowski go out of his way to specifically blame the Jews and associate them with communism, with Pius XI trying to protect them, if It's not to scapegoat them for their own crimes in creating communism? This makes way more sense than the idea that I don't know, the Jesuits being some kind of ultra-Zionist crypto Jews, funding anti-Zionist Jews in order to chase after Zionist Jews.

I'm not trying to be mean here, you do make a valid claim, It's just that sometimes, you guys hope for a huge amount of authority for a theory and that usually isn't realistic. Sooner or later down the line you are going to have to pick a side and deal with the consequences.

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A lot of Scholars actually do agree that Frankism was completelty a Jesuit thing.

Such as? Source?

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Aleksander Kraushar claimed that Catholics that knew Hebrew orchestrated the whole dialectic intentionally. I think he is mentioned in my last link. Hence my claim that the Jesuits made it look like a mostly Jewish movement intentionally, but It's actually a crypto-Catholic movement.

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Frank getting help with theological arguments to usurp Sabbatean or Talmudic tradition is a far cry from Jesuits controlling 2 different Jewish cults over a long period of time.

But It's actually a crypto-Catholic movement

Here we go again with hugely bold claims that don't seem to directly pertain to any particular historical event. Ugh.

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But I already showed how the Jesuits themselves were involved in Frankism. Either way, It's just my take on it don't think too much about it. It's just IMO, another part of the long history of the Jesuits of using the Jews as deflector shields.

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involved does not equal control. involved does not equal your scapegoat deflector theory being true.

What I never get out of you folks that have your minds made up already, is where and when Jesuits and Zionists have collaborated and not collaborated. You never discuss these two groups as being potentially equally nefarious. Why is that?

We see potential collaboration here in this post, and with the Israel-Holy See-State agreement, and with the Vatican Rothschild banking relationship. Why must you paint this collaboration as a master/slave arrangement?

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Because you have to understand the Jesuits philosophically first in order to know the way they see the Jews. They are obsessed with bringing the Third Age of Joachim, which is the perfect communism that was foreshadowed in their movements in Latin America and such, they see everything material as a corruption and they can't stand the Jews for being a nationalist and materialist group that is always out for itself. You guys make the mistake of thinking that they are similar, but they are almost complete opposites.

The Roths being Ultra-Zionist Jews is a myth, the Jesuits hate the Jews so much that they intentionally, purposely, used the Roths in order to get as much of them as possible and set up the Bolshevik revolution. This is the way I explain things like the high amount of them in the congress or whatever, they are most likely like the Roths or the Bolsheviks, groups of traitor Jews, the opposite of a Zionist.

Listen to me /u/d3rr, the Jesuits literally made a multi-million dollar movement in order to place the Jews in positions of power to make people hate them. They aren't interested in giving the Jews a holy land they want to assimilate mankind with technology.

Listen, the CIA, is an anti-Semitic organization. And don't mistake me for a Jew defender. I'm not even all that fond of them myself to the point of making racist jokes against them. But by following most anti-Semitic theories, most of you guys aren't actually opposing the government in any meaninful way and are actually helping the CIA itself. That's why I sometimes lose my shit and can't deal with stuff over here at times.

The moment we start focusing on actual, counter-intelligence work and overall start seeing the Vatican as the big bad, that's when the CIA goons start getting scared shitless. I know this may not please you dude, but, I'm doing my best to defend my view. I wouldn't lie to you intentionally in any way or do something to harm Saidit.

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The Roths being Ultra-Zionist Jews is a myth

This is patently absurd! They founded and funded and built much of Israel.

Listen, the CIA, is an anti-Semitic organization

I'm with you on this point, certainly during its first few decades

But by following most anti-Semitic theories...

You are assuming a lot here. Many on this site, including myself, are willing to argue "not all Jews", and that half or more of Zionists worldwide are not even Jews*

and overall start seeing the Vatican as the big bad, that's when the CIA goons start getting scared shitless

Why can't we see political Zionism as also being big bad?

know this may not please you dude, but, I'm doing my best to defend my view

Please do man. This has been a decent discussion.

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No It's not dude. The Vatican literally used the own money of the Rothschilds in order to spread the anti-Semitic myths, despite the protests of their own people. The same way the Bolsheviks get sold out as being Ultra-Zionist lunatics despite actually being an anti-Zionist group. Or Marx being a self-hating Jew.

Please dude. When you fall for the Ultra-Zionist and world domination stories, you are helping the CIA, not opposing them. The endgoal of the NWO is the Omega Point. If we are to stop it, we have to at least set up a decent counter-intelligence site in a significant amount of time before the Omega Point hits. There is a time limit to this shit and the CIA has an insane advantage over us.

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Hey bro, just checking in.. I appreciate you spreading my stuff but could you please credit me for this information. Thanks.

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Right, credit to /u/Veritas__Aequitas.

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Brilliant marketing man, harassing your few followers out of not sharing your gish gallops.

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Such a nugatory comment makes apparent the severity of the psychological impact my words have inflicted in you. It would be something to relish in, were you of any intellectual stature.

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Yes, I saw the huge impact that you had on /r/conspiracy and respect your arguably malevolent power. If you weren't such a prick, you'd probably have 4 books published by now.