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“Nel settembre del 1772 Caterina II occupò la Russia Bianca. Sotto il dominio della sovrana non cattolica passarono circa 900.000 cattolici di ambedue i riti e insieme ad essi 201 gesuiti.”

“In September 1772 Catherine II occupied White Russia. About 900,000 Catholics of both rites passed through the rule of the non-Catholic sovereign and together with them 201 Jesuits.”

Gesuit Priest, Fr. Marek Inglot, S.J.; ‘La Compagnia di Gesù nell’Impero Russo (1772-1820) e la sua parte nella restaurazione generale della Compagnia,’ p. 43, (Rome: 1998)

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Considering Loyola's name can be reduced to "201" do you think the history about only 201 of them surviving is true?

Edit: Also, do you happen to have records about the Jesuit influence over Freemasonry dude? I would like to show it to people who are skeptical.

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can you explain this numerology? Like what are reverse and english ordinals?