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Gesuit Superior General, Jan P. Roothaan, S.J.

  • B.1785-D.1853
  • Dutch Gesuit
  • Polymath
  • Polyglot
  • The Gesuit created Rosicrucian Order's "Invisible Superior"
  • The "Unknown Superior" of [G]esuit created Freemasonry
  • Professor of the Gesuit "Gymnasium of Dunaburg"
  • Professor of Gesuit
  • Casuistry Theology at the Gesuit "College of Pusza"
  • Rector of the Gesuit ate College of Turin"
  • Present at the Gesuit infamous "Secret Conference of Cheiri"
  • Gesuit Vice-Provincial of Italy
  • 21st Gesuit Superior-General (1829-59)
  • Founded the infamous Ultramontane/Fascist Propaganda Fide antisemitic pro-Holocaust Counter-Reformative Gesuit "La Civilta Cattolica" magazine
  • Credited as the "Great Re-builder of the Society of Jesus"
  • Puppet-master of the Gesuit created Roman Catholic Freemason "Carbonari" Revolutionary Societies
  • Successfully reincorporated the never-Biblical observant Anglican "Church of England" under the Roman Catholic Church with the Gesuit created Theology of "Tractarinsim" and “Pusyeism" within the secret Gesuit mission of the "Oxford Movement"
  • Mastermind behind the; "Black Hawk War," the "Second and Third Seminole War," the "First Afghan War," the "First and Second Opium Wars," the "Maori Wars," the "First and Second Anglo-Sikh Wars," the "Mexican-American War," the "Second Anglo-Burmese War," the "Crimean War," the "First and Second Wars of Italian Unification," the destruction of the Papal States in order to reestablish the Temporal Key of the Papacy with the 1929 Gesuit "Sovereign City State of the Vatican," responsible for the loss of +/-12 million lives

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jesuits like charles X supported the return of the ancien regime in france, and got the boot for it.