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People are able to post here. The topics that could be posted here that are hot in the media right now are Assange things or Freedom of speech repression and all, which all can and are posted in other subs.

Though maybe a bteer picture of what you would want here to be posted is needed; is it about how journalism is conducted, how to earn money as journalist, articles being rejected because of some outside concern?

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Makes sense, thank you. I updated the sidebar. I want this sub to be used for sharing current affairs and anything happening to or related to journalism and/or journalists around the world.

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I think most people know who Thomas Jefferson is. "President of the U.S.A. 1801 to 1809." seems a little excessive and like hero worship. But it's your sub.

"Author of the Declaration of Independence" is up for debate. You might want to look into Thomas Paine and the views that he was actually the author.

Jefferson is one of the greats. I'm not disparaging him, but I'm also not putting him on a pedestal.

I like the quotes in the sidebar. Most quote online are not reliable. Wikipedia has pros and cons. Wikiquotes on the other hand has cleaned up their project and insists on citations and proof.

Here's one of my faves: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." ~

I'll accept and join as mod, but follow your lead. Let me know what you want help with. I can create a banner for you and/or add my CSS on my subs. Or neither if you like. I can do something custom if it's not too big like I did for /s/WatchPeopleDie and /s/WatchPeopleSurvive. Also, I'm not into being a moderator. I'm here to be a creative and to share, though if boner pill ads show up I have no problem deleting obvious stuff like that.

I find part of the sidebar confusing: " Try to post unbiased information. Cross check with multiple sources for accuracy. "

  1. There really isn't such a thing as unbiased reporting. Chris Hedges can tell you all about that. In part it's an illusion. Every essay has a viewpoint and objectives - so too with journalism and documentaries.

  2. Cross checking is not really what SaidIt is about. SaidIt is about sharing and aggregating. If all the journalism-related content is collected here to be brought to our attention, then, ideally, we can triangulate from several sources and determine accuracy, in conjunction with further research.

These are just my 2 cent thoughts. I follow your lead.

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Thank you for accepting. I appreciate your input. Currently there is not much going on. I'm simply trying to provide a place for journalism-relevant information.

Many people outside of the USA would not know Thomas Jefferson (including myself until recently), that is why I mentioned his title. I will update the sidebar anyway.

I like what you did with those subs' headers. For now, we will keep the default one. Custom header sounds nice though. Maybe we can do it after some time.

I will be a bit busy for some days but I will check in whenever possible. There is not much activity going on here, so I doubt there will be much need for moderating.

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I think more people outside the USA may know about Jefferson that those inside.

USA has 300+ million people. Let's be super generous and say 2/3 of Americans actually know who he is, beyond being on money. That makes it about 200+ million. That's not even counting all the US territories.

I'm Canadian and we have 30+ million. I know FAAAAAAR more about American politics and history than Canadian. I am not alone. That makes it about 20+ million.

The American propaganda engine is the greatest in the world. I've art-directed on movies shot in Toronto pretending to be American. It's just how it goes. All across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia people watch American movies and television.

Of 8 billion people, half are dirt poor, but there's still a good chance enough know of Jefferson, not even 1 in 10 are necessary.

Jefferson is on par with historical figures like Shakespeare, Beethoven, Napoleon, and Caesar - though very different, from different countries, all well known.

Ping me whenever.