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    Most likely will end with my perma ban from the site lol. The reddit admins would love to ban an ex TD member lol.

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    I am literally shaking right now reading your post... lol. What the fuck is wrong with people on reddit? They act like everything is so offensive over here. The worst shit that has been posted has been by reddit trolls that came over here to stir shit up. I have posted stuff regarding BLM and racism, because, oh I don't know, that is all we hear about in the news right now, BLM, COVID and the Presidential race for 2020. I guess some things are off limits for discussion.

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    I know. It is funny and sad. Xero should do something cause the new mod seems to leading a slow motion revolt against him. I had to use “real” in my username cause someone else was pretending to be me and posting actually racist shit here.

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    Cry more you fucking baby.

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    Nah I’m good cunt. Enjoy your echo chamber while you all jerk each other off. 🤮