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I've been permaban from reddit maybe 100 times or more, I have many other accounts on standby so I don't get the your account is to new, I had a comment removed from here a few days ago for saying I hope the rapist is killed by the daughters parents. We have seen far worse here on saidit but odly my comment was "against the rules" from a so called free speech site.

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Does reddit still claim to be a "free speech site"?

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Quick Google search and CEO and original co-founder Steve Huffman June 2015: "It's not our site's goal to be a completely free-speech platform."

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Clearly they aren't free speech. They ostracize anyone that questions social justice, climate change, vaccines or the government. They do allow racism as long as it is pointed at white people. They do allow harassment as long as it's commies harassing people to fall in line with the government's bidding; it's a real gem of a place. The only reason I stayed on there, was to simply red pill as many as possible.

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I just commented on this and said Could it be to protect them from criminals ?. My comment was removed, reddit is a extremely insecure bunch of snowflakes.

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The KKK is for white supremacy, BLM is for black supremacy, both are protected when authorized for a demonstration of free speech. I'd say the cops have protected both. But the biggest difference, in recent history, is that BLM has caused literally billions in damages over months of burning, looting and murdering, I haven't seen the same from the KKK. As far as I can tell, the whole white supremacy is just a bunch of made up nonsense. Black supremacy is a way bigger problem these days.

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I am 90% certain the KKK has not rioted since 1871, however other groups riot and or created trouble when the klan marched like in 2017, 2019. Then theres the billion dollar plus cost on tax payers when BLM rioted, looted and burned city's. I would rather march with peaceful klansmen any day than become a worthless BLM criminal.

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Congrats on popping your ban cherry.

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Thank you, I am cleaning the sheets now.