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/u/sterling_perv Moderators cannot remove posts and comments that are both in good faith and on-topic, unless they uncheck the sub setting "allow this sub to appear on /all". Please let me know which direction you decide to take your sub. Thank you.


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Ok, what is going on here? This sub was started over a year and a half ago by u/xerosum I believe. Why has the sub been handed over to u/sterling_perv? It's an account that is 12 days old and has magically been given control of the sub. Their entire goal was just to remove the existing posts from the sub. Is this platform going the same route as reddit?

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I did it. I thought he was sane and was going to contribute to this dead sub. Shit I will reverse this.

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Laughing hysterically here

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Why? Someone please explain what happened exactly. I see the moderator log. u/d3rr, an admin, invited u/sterling_perv, a 12 day old account, to be the moderator of the sub. So that part already doesn't make sense. Then u/sterling_perv immediately begins removing all content. The whole thing seems intentional. And how did you find your way into this comment thread?

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Was laughing hysterically at the presumption of OP's sanity, he sounds a little unhinged imho

Someone please explain what happened exactly

No clue, I'm not not a moderator, nor a regular user of this sub

And how did you find your way into this comment thread?

It shows up in the ALL tab like all the other ones

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Yeah u/sterling_perv is a new account, 12 days old. That account has never participated in s/Kentucky, they haven't really participated anywhere. Oddly, though one of the few comments they've made was in response to a post made by your account, here. And your account is only 10 days old too, odd.

The moderator log is clear, admin u/d3rr made a decision to make a brand new account, u/sterling_perv, the moderator of r/Kentucky. Then that user's first actions as a moderator were to remove every single post made in r/Kentucky. None of it makes sense other than the entire goal was to remove the content in s/Kentucky.

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Oddly, though one of the few comments they've made was in response to a post made by your account, here. And your account is only 10 days old too, odd.

I see that this guy rarely posts at all, but responded to one of my clickbait articles about meth-crazed attack squirrels. I assure you I have nothing to do with this guy.

Hate to speak for someone else, but it looks as if admin d3rr thought this forum was dead, so he didn't think too hard about letting someone else moderate it. He seems to have realized he made a mistake. Again, I can't speak for him, just interpreting what I read from him in this thread.

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The sub seems dead now because the newly appointed moderator literally removed everything.

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Looks like he has been removed as moderator now at least. Maybe talk to d3rr about making you the moderator?

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He fucking conned me. He said he wanted to use that sub on his youtube channel or something. No mention of changing it or deleting content. This has been my final sub transfer. The answer will be no from here on out.

All content is restored.

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Thanks for taking the time to reinstantiate the removed content, much appreciated. I can try a hand at modding if needed. But as you can see, I am not here a whole lot. But can make a point to check if need be. Let me know. Thanks again.

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I think if you had a rule where the account taking over a sub had been active for at least the past year, it could work.

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d3rr[A] 2 insightful - 1 fun - 23 hours ago He fucking conned me. He said he wanted to use that sub on his youtube channel or something. No mention of changing it or deleting content. This has been my final sub transfer. The answer will be no from here on out.

All content is restored.

Dont feel too bad about this, its a mistake anyone could make. The Christianity and Catholic subs are doing really well from the last sub transfer

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Yeah, that would be a great idea. Why did you choose that account to be a moderator? And can you undo the deletions of posts? Would be nice to have the historical posts to show what a shit show the US has been in since before the 2020 election.

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my next question would be who made d3rr a moderator of this sub?

did /u/xerosum appoint him as a moderator? or did /u/d3rr appoint himself as a moderator?

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all your base are belong to us

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did you appoint yourself as a moderator of this sub? or did /u/xerosum appoint you as a moderator?

i would personally be offended if you just automagically appointed yourself as a moderator of one of my subs.

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i appointed myself. it's in the public modlog. I am the lizard king, I can do anything

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And that is exactly why anybody with half of a brain would never invest two minutes into building a community here.

Lizard king? Faggot more likely.

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oh i didn't know that. i was trying to get this new place going . so is this place got to be hidden or somethng like that. i juts started it up and thought to clean it up.

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Rules 4a and 4b of the rules for moderators basically give two choices. To remain on /all the moderators are forbidden from removing dissenting opinions that are on-topic and in good faith. To be able to remove dissenting opinions then the sub has to be taken off of /all which might substantially reduce traffic.

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i get you point. how would i take it off the all page if wanted to do that. if it aint on the all page can i take away a post if it said something bad about jesus or the holy spirit/

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He sorry for the misunderstanding man, but you can't remove this existing content. You're going to have to create your own sub.

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banned for attacking saidit

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saidit sucks ass.

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      yes. just make your own sub man. i'll bring back the perv account if you want. you can't take over someone's sub.

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      If you take the sub off of /all then you can moderate and remove however you want. The option is in the sub settings. It is the second option in the other options section near the bottom of the sub settings. Uncheck the checkbox and click save. I can do it for you if you would like.

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      What the fuck happened? Where is xerosum, the founder of the sub? Who are you? Why are all the previous posts removed?

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      This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

      The sub KENTUCKY is going to be about Jesus!

      Why not have a sub named KENTUCKY be about KENTUCKY.

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      if you say something mean about jesus that aint allowed. also if you aint on here for a few weeks we can get out out of here too. you have to help out in the talking or you r wont be allowed to be here. that is all. i am looking forward to yall making this a greatfun place.

      you are doing a bang up fine job.

      keep up the good work.

      jesus loves us all.