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The site is a little slower to respond than I'm used to, but I'm getting the hang of importing our stylesheet.

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Compiling Dom.bully_prescription

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Funny, I was going to post a link to this place in the KIA2 subreddit because of the recent changes. Still might, but I guess you should be the one because you're a mod there and people might be more willing to read it.

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We still don't know if the users want to all come here yet.

This is what I mean by "prepping the beach head".

I have a header now....

But still, the users might want to use Tribes, or Minds, or Gab, or Poal, or something else. If I have a basic bitch implementation of our sub at these places, the users will be able to more adequately decide if it has the right kind of feel, and if the size and outside community is to our liking.

I still want to build a little something on Poal because it's user highlight system may be useful, although this place is a pretty good replacement for reddit.

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I'm intrigued about this Poal... gonna have to check it out.

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It's got an interesting point system that's a lot more public facing.

The problem is that it's even smaller than Saidit, and it's ... ahem... significantly more to the right. Not as far right as Voat... but still.

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Hmmm, yeah... looking it over, it seems like they're a bit beyond the novelty phase of having a truly free-speech platform, but that very well could be due to their size. Still, after seeing what happened to Voat, I'm hesitant to believe that the same couldn't happen to another platform in its infancy.

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It could happen to all of them.

To be honest, if we move here or there, we'd push the userbase to the left. Also we'd be like, more than 50% of the subscriber base. Weirdly enough, a collective action would probably be a huge boost to them.

My only concern is mobile. I don't know how it works on either site.

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The mobile webpage here is pretty simplistic, but seems to function on Chrome and Firefox (at least on my old-ass Android phone).

  • * edit * * Installed the Saidit App from Play store on my phone, will give it a shakedown today.

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Thank you kindly!

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No problem. I forgot that you commented it.

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I think a big factor is that there are many Reddit users that still don't know about Saidit as an alternative. I mean.. I just found out about Saidit yesterday. It isn't even listed on Google as a Reddit alternative (the last I checked). So.. some how getting the word out would help tremendously by pulling in some traffic.

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Part of it is definitely that it is an alternative people don't know about. Which is why I want to have a major, consolidated, move. Not a slow trickle over by people who are frustrated.

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How do you suppose you'ld go about doing that?

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Building connections with people in positions of power with other subs.

Maybe offering them lifeboats.

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Are people actually going to contact advertisers now?

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For what?

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You have resetera trying to ruin game developers (Heartbeat). Kotaku posting Loli. RPS and Eurogamer pushing agenda driven articles about Ion Fury. Not to mention all the above outlets leading to the suicide of man after pushing a #Metoo allegation. I don't get a point in a KiA sub is people are just going to whine and not take action.

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That's going to have to be up to the community.

Frankly, I suspect that our primary objective will be to build outside of the tech-bubble. Why fuck around with advertisers who hate us, when we can build our own shit?

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Tell me when you're at the "build your own banks" step.

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The King sends his regards.

Feels weird to be able to post in a "kia" sub without the number two in it.

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breathes in mechanically KiA Prime's failure is complete.

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I have to say that after some thinking and a night's sleep I don't think Saidit will be a very excellent platform for free discussions. (Might work very well for civilisity-controlled discussions akin to T_D or KiA2 but not for general free speech/sillyness.)

Unlike Aaron's original vision of Reddit, where subs were independent in a "federalized" way, here everything is more managed top-down, with the PoD forced on each sub with admins forcing sub mods to comply.[1]

The real alternative will be close to Aaron Schwartz' vision. Subs are independent, the central admins have limited power over the subs and their mods. The subs don't have to share much more than a common user login and the domain name under which they are hosted.

[1]: Based on this text here.

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I don't actually agree with this. I don't think that the admins are pushing very hard, but I get the concern. I don't believe that this place will effectively shut down fun, though it might be worth trying to get an AMA with the admins here.

That being said, I've got another alternative if you want to check it out too. But it is a bit more edgy.

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Perhaps there's nothing to worry. Just that there's this kind of a "global" agreement (along with the wording) about what subs should contain doesn't sit with me that well.

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I see it as a kind of preference or values statement.

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Yeah, no I agree. When it comes to values this site doesn't have the worst ones in place.

But perhaps this all lays a groundwork for that (inevitable?) time when admins turn left there's a perfectly fine reason to go all in.

And some of the "funny subs" of reddit are not very possible under the values of Saidit, but that's solely my own problem.

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And some of the "funny subs" of reddit are not very possible under the values of Saidit, but that's solely my own problem.

I'm really starting to think that I should get an admin in here to do an AMA.

Which subs are you referring to?

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In essence all/most of the subs that don't aim (or have to aim) to a meaningful discussions and conversations. Adhering to the POD rule becomes useless.

My favorite, r/4chan has its own subculture with freely thrown slurs and wishes of KYS (most of which are creatively reworded for lulz) all around the house. It's part of the culture. You may say, "good riddance". To which I say again, solely my own personal problem about Saidit.

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Yes, but have you seen that behavior removed here?