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Saidit's real value is in stuff that's basically banned for no reason on reddit because of mod over-reach, so if you find recently-disaffected communities, they're often the most receptive to the idea of a new website. Just keep simply dropping links to in places where people are looking for alternatives, that's all it takes.

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my point was that if you do that without actually starting the sub on saidit, there is nothing stopping the mods from reddit from making an account on saidit, creating a copy of the sub and continuing a very similiar style of moderation here. after that, it doesn't matter if people come over - they will quickly run into same bullshit. Maybe slightly tuned down at first by saidit's more explicit moderation policy, but i doubt the owners of this startup have the time to investigate and follow up on every violation by mods.

the first one to get make the sub, gets to be the first mod and make all the starting rules etc..

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but i doubt the owners of this startup have the time to investigate and follow up on every violation by mods.

You'd be surprised. When the livelihood of the website hinges on the mods not creating little fiefdoms, I'm willing to put in the time to enforce the mod rules. We've already kicked out quite a few mods for breaking saidit mod rules. I refuse to let it get corrupted the same way reddit did.

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that is heartening to hear.

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We must secure the existence of our fandoms and the future of our hobbies.

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It's worthwhile acknowledging that Reddit is increasingly controlled by bad actors, whether those are corporate advertisers, motivated political actors, or simply mentally unhinged individuals. I created s/UnrealTournament as a refuge from the mentally unbalanced (and likely bribed by Epic Games) mod team of r/UnrealTournament.

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Or maybe advertisers should be contacted.

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Someone invade Gallifrey !