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Also I think it's curious that does not list its subscriber count, although they regularly show their rising rank on Alexa.

Interesting. magnora7 noticed that their alexa rank chart is smoother than basically every other site on this list, which could be evidence of extensive bot traffic:

Aside from that I support everyone's free speech and all reddit alternatives and fuck Reddit.

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I'm not saying that "Russian Bots hurr durr". But political activists do use bots. Even the alt-right. I would be surprised if there were some bots there.

At the same time, it is fucking HARD to grow traffic organically & rapidly. It wouldn't surprise me if Bots were being pushed to drive people to the site, the same way political agitators are sent into tense areas to organize people into larger semi-organic protests.

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I'm sure a lot of them are fun and cool people, but I'm just so disappointed in Trump that I can't get excited for next Trump. He's turned out to be a fucking liar about most of the things he promised. Yeah I know he's just one man and has faced a huge amount of resistance, but he doesn't have to say stupid shit like "we need more immigrants than ever before" and "I want to make a deal on DACA" and "I will bomb Iran's cultural sites."

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I have not seen Trump say any of those things, and I see his tweets daily.

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Someone remind me that I have to create a test sub there.

[–]RatMan29 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) was created by one of the moderators of r/t_d. However, I would guess fewer than half the users of r/t_d have migrated there. Some object to the fact that the moderator considered putting advertising on (I haven't been there recently enough to know if he actually did). Others, including me, just think that, like r/t_d for at least the last two years, is so aggressively moderated that we can't do anything useful there.

There is an s/The_Donald here, and it seems more lively and less regimented than either of the above.

There are also lots of subs, both on reddit and elsewhere, that are at least partly spinoffs of t_d and are not as tightly moderated. At least one is invitation-only. There are also several patriots' groups on Gab that I find useful. YMMV, but the right and even the alt-right (which I am not part of, but I see their stuff from time to time) are far from being silenced.

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Well I'm not an American, so it's obviously not for me. I think I heard that they offered to host other subs that got kicked off reddit. I wonder if that will mean they would go from international to american-focused.