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He's still a giant faggot. If he had his way, Dankula would be in a cell and the wife would be destitute. I'm not gonna sit through the whole thing to see if he clarifies but the lines about "right wingers and people like Yiannopoulos" tells me he still doesn't get it. He doesn't have to grovel and say that his entire world view is now inverted but the TDS is there and I expect him to die in his home because he can't decide if he's more scared of Chinese bat aids or the bobby bashing his chode in for taking a walk.

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What brought me here was the MSM "gamergate is evil" narrative, it seems the gods blessed (cursed?) me with curiosity and critical thinking skills, i actually watched tropes vs women, and so much of the debunking it's unreal, THaC, mundanematt (prior to his cataclysmic meltdown), sargon etc, and actually came to the conclusion you guys and i have more in common than separates us

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The guy spent a lot of time running around screaming about "muh Nazi's". Like all regressives though he got his turn in the stockade and he realised it was all the people that he had been standing with that were throwing the rotten fruit at him and realised that it had only just been him in that hate mob.

This happens so often that as soon as these people leave their hate bubble do they realise that they were the evil ones.

It does give me hope that society can be steered away from this regressive censorious hysteria but our governments and institutions are so embedded with this cancer that I still see things getting worse before they get better.

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Meh, you don't get any points for only complaining about vigilante mobs after your old mob comes for you.

wasn't it Izzy Galvez, a GNAA associate, whose dog was supposedly shot

Are you sure he's not conflating that with Brianna Wu? (I kind of hope he is, just for the shudder his TERFfy little heart will make when he finds out what m'lady he's been white knighting.)

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I thought Wu was the one who left her dog out in the cold to die because muh gamergate?

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Yeah, but it's all I can think of. I mean, a lot of things were blamed on GG but only one dead dog was as far as I remember. I think he's just linked "Gamergate + dead dog = swatting" in his head and not thought of it further. Unless someone knows an incident that closer fits his muddled recall.

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It's so long ago that I have no idea anymore, honestly. I only remember Izzy Galvez claiming that he was swatted. Brianna Wu was never swatted.

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Shame that modern day gamergate is all about 'bating to loli. A few years too late to matter.

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Yeah, he only came out against hate mobs when the hate mob turned its attention to him. That's not a conversion.

Gamergate was an attempted takeover of video games by SJWs. The gamers fought back - that's why they were so roundly vilified. How dare they oppose the righteous? Other areas of society taken over by the SJW plague looked on longingly at the gamers, wishing they could have done the same.

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Yeah, he only came out against hate mobs when the hate mob turned its attention to him. That's not a conversion.

That depends on how he reacts to being mobbed. Some see the light and swing totally 180 degrees. (The most ardent anti-Commie was almost always the former Commie.) Others, like Graham, only appear to swing part way. What are we doing to help him swing further?

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Yeah, he only came out against hate mobs when the hate mob turned its attention to him. That's not a conversion.

By that standard, I'm still a bad guy as well.

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It's one step on the road to conversion. Even Bill Maher hasn't entirely abandoned the left yet, but it has turned on him and he will.

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Careful. He's going to flip back and throw anyone that cozies up to him under the bus to earn "good boy" points.

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It's a major advantage for both #GG and the Right that SJWs forgive no one. Once they target you, apologizing gets you nowhere. But resist and you discover friends you never knew you had, because they were afraid to speak out too.

The SJ agenda is doomed.