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I read some of these, and then I read an article my friend sent me:

And now I look back at these and it feels somehow even more sinister than it already did. Like one of those End Times films. There's a new religion in town and it's making sure you convert or die.

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Christians who are converting to that....

Aren't really christians, they are churchians. They go through the motions, but do NOT serve Christ. They serve the lord of this world, and that is NOT Jesus.

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really good article TY

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Yeeep. I kinda saw it developing a few years back. I think only in the last 2 or 3 it's really started to take shape. The Socal2 people, I'd like to say Jonathan Haidt too are the ones that sorta aligned the pieces to show how it's a religion.

I will say that as a Christian it's getting really worrying seeing socjus make inroads. My alma mater, a Baptist College added a social justice major the year after I left, for ex, and one of the bigger (Baptist) churches in my town has started using the words "diversity," and "inclusion" in its stuff. On the face of it yeah, great, Christians are called to show the love for others that Christ showed us, but those weasel words of the left are how they start the process of subversion.

What's funny is if these churches were even aware of half the stuff we talk about I'm sure they wouldn't have even embraced such things in the first place. I guess this is just in the context of Baptist ones. The Episcopalians, Methodists, and Presbyterians are all pozzed. Catholics too, parish depending.

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I'm in the gaming industry and have been for over 10 years now. Worked with people at Riot, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, Bioware, etc. I won't ever work at a company like this anymore. Work as an independent developer since 2017. The culture was like walking on a tightrope in 2016, I bet now it's around your neck.

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I genuinely don’t know how this is all going to be resolved. At least with cults, you have the rest of society to help deprogram them and adjust back to reality, but this? Society is siding with the cult and its insanity, so how the fuck do you deprogram that?

And as for the ACT BLUE thing, I would say that it’ll end when Soros dies, but it’ll just continue under someone else’s guidance, some other shadowy puppet master, and the next generation will have to spend ages battling them too in what seems like a losing war.

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Not sure why people always mention Soros?

But on topic of left wing insanity, the pendulum swings both ways. These protest seem more likely to get people to flock conservative.

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Soros is funding most of the troublemakers.

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Fuck me that's sad

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I'd like to do an article on this for my website. Please check the PM I sent to you. :)