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This saidit could work but here's literally no one so I don't see the togetherness just yet.

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Close down the reddit sub and tell everyone to come here. simple.

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Sadly, this is not yet the time to leave Reddit completely.
Still many normies that would just leave this platform since they're used to the huge userbase on Reddit.
Saidit needs to grow a much larger userbase before it can really compete with Reddit - and while the current ban waves helped with that, it will take actual advertising (or at least heavy word-of-mouth promotion) of saidit to gain a userbase even close enough to make most people stick here.

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noooooooooooo someone took my username T-T

Edit: LOL... im a moron, IT WAS ME!!! hahahaha

(apparently I made the account ages ago.... dont remember doing it though....)

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Did you sign up for Because the accounts are shared with kia2 (and some other .win)

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I used to post on KIA and later KIA2. Just kind of hard to care at this point so I just lurk occasionally. They've won over the game industry entirely, and only a few indies are worth supporting. Even CDPR bowed to the anti-White mob.

As a result of all this over the years I've found myself dedicating more and more time to outdoor hobbies (marksmanship, hunting, bush-craft, gardening, etc) and family, and less and less time to games. The erstwhile days I could sit indoors for hours on a Saturday playing an ARPG or MMO seem like they happened in an alternative universe. It'd be nice to get that back eventually, but I don't think it's in the cards.

Always relevant:

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the saidit is a ghosttown why are are fracturing even further?

This is all a clusterfuck for the uninitiated

Reddit KIA half: KIA2 is a terrorist group

Reddit KIA2: KIA is compromised

Saidit KIA: Reddit and KIA are compromised KIA2 is a terrorist group Reddit and KIA is compromised. We're here just in case saidit is, too. We're not related to trump.

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KIA2 = "Saidit KIA" = while KIA = KIA1 = Half KIA = Half KIA mods are faggots btw.

Saidit was the desired Reddit alternative of the KIA2 mods, well that or Poal but Poal has been even deader, but users either didn't agree or couldn't be bothered until the Reddit itself was banned.

Since .WIN communities are active in general, some of them have happily fucked off over there. Reddit ban hasn't happened yet though, so Reddit remains the choice for now.

Hive mentality basically.

Edit: Added quotation marks for clarity.

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....but the KIA mods have nothing to do with Antonio set it up...

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Yes, absolutely. See preceding word: Saidit. It's meant to be "Saidit KIA".

Well, the 2 is in the banner even if not the name. Yeah, this is probably unnecessarily confusing for anyone looking in.

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That was my bad. Back in February 2019 I created this subsaidit, /s/kotakuinaction since users were still heated at having to abandon KiA Prime (before we started degradingly calling it half-KiA) and having to open a "2" version on Reddit, since the users abandoning half-KiA ARE the community, not the mods who run it. I thought taking back Prime by name here would get the ball rolling during Option 4 Fallout, but like you've said, Saidit hasn't reached critical mass, and 17ish months ago, it was even more a ghost town.

Once shenanigans picked up on Reddit (Policy changes of September 2019, IIRC), I messaged DomitiusOfMasillia on Reddit and offered him this cardboard standup of KiA2's values as a refugee landing to coordinate the exodus from Reddit, which he took, brought over Clockworkfool (AoV came too, just not modded up), and then he created /s/KiA2 as a backup to /s/KiA, as well as the Poal sub. I stepped down from ownership last month, leaving it in DoM's capable hands.

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I commend you for trying to get off that platform so (relatively) early, and 100% agree on the users being the community.

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I agree that excessive fracturing is a problem. Hopefully AoV will either pick a winner, or someone will make an app for aggregating them.

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What's wrong with the first one?

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Is Handofbane is the original mod who fucked something up that led to KiA2? KiA2 grew bigger than 1 and now he's asking for a reunion?

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I don't know if I can do justice to this. I'll give some notes below, but it's probably better answered elsewhere like this KIA2 WIN thread (Difference between KIA and KIA2) that I only glanced at -

Mods as a collective held a vote about content guidelines since they're very picky about what goes on the subreddit, and have very quaint idea about what is or isn't "unrelated politics".

One of the KIA2 mods can actually expand on the rule set of KIA1, the more important thing is that the KIA1 mods have internal ideas about what should be allowed, irrespective of the community.

In reality, it's not a new thing and the whole topic of what is or isn't allowed there has been a bone of contention for a long time (spanning years). The user base strongly opposed various changes that strictly aligned with the ruling janitorial on the majority basis.

After the vote, they went ahead with their own changes anyway. They called the original poll "non-binding" and more or less a suggestion.

Some intimate this audacity is a result of drama in preceding months / half year where with the help of admins they somehow managed to overthrow the resident sleeper, inactive top mod that out of nowhere wanted to subvert the community to his own ideas. There's some irony here.

After that vote-doesn't-count announcement, things degraded and the users called them out on it, often times not too politely.

Moderators kind of held it together, but the attitude of general contempt for the user base's opinions kind of was made obvious. Eventually relation were bad enough that the mods would constantly bait others to try to ban them, and ignore the infractions of their peers. To give you some idea, they had/have a rule about not being a "dickwolf".

AntonioOfVenice eventually started KIA2 since the community was fractured. There was some olive branch entreaty by ex-mod TheHat, and they posted their debates/attempts at reconciliation in a temporarily closed subreddit:

The ACTUAL mods weren't actually interested in any of that shit, as we eventually found out once they opened the subreddit for general viewing. It is now closed again...

Not to mention there were some arbitrary bannings when certain users shouldn't have been, the condescending attitude of certain mods that really needs to be seen in order to fully understand, 1 of the "very conservative" and "very active" female mods that would go out of her way to neutered conversation that many argued shouldn't have been deleted in the 1st place, KIA1 becoming a ghost town due to how little people were allowed to post (or how certain posts were deleted / resulted in people not bothering), 1 mod named Brimshae going against the others to restore a thread that he (and the majority) said didn't break the rules and was subsequently de-modded...

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of stuff, some of this is not strictly accurate, I didn't type everything coherently (it was a pain either way), but in summary the mods being authoritarian faggots drunk on their power of being Internet janitors.

Edit: KiAMeta was by TheHat, not HandOfBane. Important distinction.

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1 of the "very conservative" and "very active" female mods

99% sure you're referring to Pinkerbelle, whom the other remaining mods largely simp over like thirsty jackals. She was (still is?) very active, and if by "very conservative" you mean the exact opposite of that, the "token leftist 'feminist' agenda'd diversity hire" who mostly gets her way by said mods backing up her egregious modding with panty-sniffing levels of "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" behavior, then yes, that would sum up late 2018 through most of 2019 mod activities on half-KiA.

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Yes, her, I didn't want to say the name since then I'd feel personally inclined to explain why each 1 of them is a cunt, and that's way too tiring.

Excluding this recent Saidit foray, I'm a strict lurker. I shouldn't even known any of the KIA mod names...and didn't, until they started acting like hypocritical assholes. I'm trying to forget them again.

Pinkerbelle is / was very active for sure, in an extremely bad way. Her medical response to any sign of infection is an immediate lobotomy.

"Very conservative"? That was personal sarcasm based on her public comments and thread removal justifications, but she might actually be that in private as her moderating peers keep adamantly insisting.

Who knows? There's a thread titled "NBA to Allow Players to Replace Name on Jersey With 'Social Justice Statement'" in this community and it's actually real. I still find it hard to believe ~24H later, but here we are...

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Bane wasn't a mod at the time, though he always was in close contact with them. Others may have differing opinions, but I wouldn't assign responsibility to a single mod. The things that turned me off personally to the whole thing:

  • The sub in my view didn't get the number of posts to warrant changes that further restricted what users could post. At the time maybe there'd be 35-40 posts/day, which for the number of mods they have seems low.
  • The mods started getting into petty arguments with the users upon being called out on what they were doing and would play little games where a user would ask a question about the rules and get a response like "well I'm not 'on duty' right now so I can't answer that"

I never got into one of these arguments with a mod, but reading them started to really bug me after awhile, because it seemed like the mod would try to goad a user into doing something against the rules so another mod could flex their authority against that user. And even though it was only one or two mods who would get into these arguments, I never saw any of the other ones publicly to knock that shit off.

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I'm reading the .win coding is all fucked up and open to phishing. Is there a consensus coming on which site? Maybe take a vote on reddit?

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I suspect the answer would be "Reddit".

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The vote is being measured in traffic.