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From AoV:

Recently, we have been targeted by SJW dimwits. They troll this place and since we cannot look at every comment to see if they violate the rules, things slip through - especially since we now get many more comments than KiA.

As a result, we have been attacked by the admins multiple times recently. In fact, we are way past the threshold that a trusted powermod once told me makes you liable for banning, if not right now, during the next banning round.

I do consider it quite likely that this action will kill the sub. But it's still less likely than our possibility of being banned, which should tell you everything. Since I created this sub, I view it as my responsibility to do whatever it takes that the people who put their trust in me and others, to ensure the survival of the community.

I take full responsibility for this action, whether it results in good or bad. Indeed, if they are really out for blood, which is quite likely actually, this may hasten our demise. They may take the privat'ing as an excuse to ban us straight away, alleging (without us being able to disprove it) that we are now using it to violate the rules of Reddit. I think that is less likely, because we are probably too small to be on the rader of the big guns.

I hope this results in many more people moving over to .win, where we are free from the restraints that Reddit imposes on us.

And of course, if you are upset with what has happened, you have every right to be. Dissenters still are not banned. You can call me whatever name you want, except of course for the ones that will set off the rednames (we still have to follow sitewides here or they'll have an excuse for sure).

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Hm I wonder how does KIA2 have a site that looks exactly like, when that site isn't open source? Who built this site?

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isn't it all based on reddit code

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No they re-wrote from scratch. Saidit is the only popular site based on reddit's old code, as far as I know

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looks same as reddit to me. re-writing the same code I guess, slightly changed around, why tho when it's open source

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The front looks similar, but the backend and database organization is totally different

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They finally got us!

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This is the first time a subreddit I’ve subscribed to went private. I didn’t realize that by going private it meant I woudln’t see it at all anymore, or that my posts would be gone because I figured anyone who had already subscribed would be ‘grandfathered in’.

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Oof. What finally did it?

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They took the .win pill but that just looks like relabeled cyanide to me. Now they can get cancelled by both Zion Don’s campaign and by the orange man bad DDoS.

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Lame. Welcome to saidit, any new users!

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I told them to move here and they didn't listen to me.

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I think the lack of censorship here on topics related to people of the Jewish persuasion was "too uncensored" for the moderation staff.

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I always have to laugh at people who complain about censorship against them, and then complain about not enough censorship against others. Hopefully that wasn't the case with these folks though.

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I think it's just that people want to have their own site, but fail to realize that people don't want to have to visit a separate site for every single topic.

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Could be, and I agree / it's a bit tiresome - but at the same time the "solution" to niche interest sites (reddit, etc) have not exactly resulted in more free speech. Freedom and privacy are always being traded away for convenience, and most people are happy to do it.

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People want to be where there's activity. That's not SaidIt for better or worse. It's really that simple, I don't know what's the basis for every other conjecture.

I'm not crazy about visiting separate sites, but it has some potential benefits in terms of being (slightly) decentralized.
An official top-level ribbon combined with cookies will help mitigate the isolationist factor to some degree.

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They should just let it get banned. Don't kill your own sub, make them responsible for it.

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Were any of Reddit's advertisers contacted?

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Reddit is dog-shit now anyways. Nothing of value lost by just deleting the sub now, and migrating elsewhere. Odds are good the sub will be banned by November regardless.

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Well, amazing it lasted this long. I wonder if KiA is on the chopping block as well. I know people at Kia had a beef, but I'd hate to see it all collapse.

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kia is in the pocket of the admins. I unsubbed as soon as I realized.

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So, KiA isn't really in any danger?

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I doubt it, but you never know with those people.

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What do you gain by killing the sub yourself instead of going down swinging?

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This is truely a "shit or get off the pot" moment.

And I wish they would get off the pot. No one wants us there anymore. The time to create something for ourselves is now. But this time let us not try to find favor and acceptance from others. We accept ourselves.