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Cartoon characters look goofy almost by definition. But there's something creepy and unsettling about the anime style. And I think it partly overlaps with the oversexualization. Most weebs are teenage boys who only really want to jerk off to the weird cat girls.

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What the fuck is the appeal of bizarre cartoon women that don't even look like people? Just look at porn, if you have an IQ above room temperature you can easily circumvent anything your dumbass parents come up with to control internet content access. But, as I said, I basically have zero interest in romance/omgsohot stuff in real life, much less in a fucking cartoon.

And there's are cartoons which have a quasi-realistic art style. The stupid outfits and poor animation of X-Men in the 90s didn't stop most of the characters from actually being shaped like (incredibly muscular) human beings, whose limbs and gear was roughly proportional to the real world. Superheroes do look goofy just because of what they dress like, but it's a whole different kind of goofy than having a head shaped like a top, eyes the size of your tits and hair made of porcupine quills. At least in comics these sort of people are recognized as looking weird.

However, I find the personality, pacing and philosophy of anime more annoying to me. Wherein Japan differs from Europe, I generally prefer Europe (and I mean the arc of 2000 years, not the recent High Church of Gay Retards that rules the West).

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Most cartoon characters look goofy. I think what makes anime so weird is how it's combined with a sort of realism in the other aspects. Sort of reminds me of those pictures of "real" Homer Simpson and other cartoon characters.

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It's partly why I find it so weird when people find anime characters 'sexy'. I don't care how great a womans ass is if her head is shaped like a pineapple, burn that freak.